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tyres of the 4 wheel variety - where to buy?

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  • tyres of the 4 wheel variety - where to buy?

    Anyone have any recommendation on where I can go in Perth for some new 4 wheel rubber?

    I was planning to pop into bob jane T marts but have been warned off them for price and the general work - can anyway confirm or otherwise?


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    I bought my mickey thompson ATZ's from west perth tyres in cleaver st a few months ago and couldnt be happier with the new boots and the price
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      Originally posted by Jaw View Post
      bob jane T marts
      I'd rather let a gibbon using a pointy stick than these guys change the 4 wheeler tyres...

      In all honesty you have to find a good Bob Jane place as they are all different, I had a good experience with one in North Perth, but that's the only time yet...

      Oh, and the "Bob Jane" brand tyres, the one they tell you are a re-branded something or other, they are crap in the wet, you'd swear the road was coated in Vaseline...


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        It first comes down to choose a tyre & what you expect of the tyre. Then go around and ask for prices on the very same. I had a set of hankook atm's fitted to my cherokee at west state tyres in Bentley, $860 all up. They lasted me approx. 60tdkm. And that included going gibb river rd. Burst one of them up there, had a dueler put on as nothing else was available. The dueler was done for after 30tdkm... Yes, they were less grippy on tar than others, especially when wet, but lasted long and were great on the dirt. Didn't bother me much though, as the jeep brakes were shit