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Small paving job - Bentley <5m2

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  • Small paving job - Bentley <5m2

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for someone to do a small paving job (cashie) at the side of my house in Bentley, roughly 3.2m x 1.2m and already have pavers ready to go. Considered DIY but would rather a proper job of it and don't want to have to hire equipment.

    Andrew - 0401499614 call or whatsapp/SMS

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    Here's an image of the area (from the doorway until the end of the laundry window on the left - I'd like to leave a gap of rocks on the fence side approx 20-25cm):

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      If ya already have the pavers ya should have a crack at that small area yaself.
      The hardest part of paving is compacting (any largish heavy thing will do it) or for ten bucks I should think ya could hire a proper hand compactor. A small area like that won't need a motorised plate compactor.
      Take ya time to level the sand, sloping slightly away from home wall (keeping sand moist helps)
      You prolly won't even need to cut bricks (just match up width of stones ya want)
      It's something worth learning relatively easy, herring bone or stretcher bond and will save yaself bucks
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        Thanks for the tips Biffer, I'd still much rather have a proper job of it so not too keen to do it myself (I just know the job I'll do would droop/sag within days). If anyone is up for a cashie I would greatly appreciate it.
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          [MENTION=9151]T-roy[/MENTION] does paving?


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            Cheers boeman!

            But i stopped paving when i moved out of perth.

            Those rocks :\

            You might want to think about getting some mates around to help you get rid those rocks before you get the pavers in.
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              I can move the stones that's no problem (it's only a thin layer on some weed mat).

              No takers?
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                Try this guy. - Jarad
                Did a good job for me, a lot larger than you need but he might be interested!?
                0420 728 523


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                  I would go the DIY route.....get a Plate Compactor for $30 to $40 a day of Gumtree. The sense of Satisfaction of doing it yourself and the Bragging Rights that go with it......PRICELESS
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                    I've been using dry, bagged concrete mix instead of leveling sand. Spread it dry an inch+ thick or so nice and even at the slope you want. Then set pavers. Tap them flat as you go. Water lightly with a rain-type sprayer a few times and let sit.

                    I had problems with the sand washing out during floods. The last two paving jobs I used the concrete and seems ok- no slumping after floods (we get a lot of flooding)
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                      Put down road base, then sand, pavers then pave set and sealed on my folks.

                      Nothings moving those things, and no weeds after almost 2 years.


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                        if you dont mind some dodgy asian paver, let me know

                        my mate had his Bentley house's side courtyard paved before christmas last year, and the fella did a pretty good job, and apparently at a pretty decent price too... can ask for the guy's detail if you want...
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                          Thanks all, found a young guy in Bentley to do the job at a very good price and did a great job of it. Ras - 0439 448 229 if anyone's interested, he's currently only taking on small to medium sized jobs but seems to be new to pushing his own solo gig after working for a landscaper for a while.
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