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How Well Do You Get On With Your Neighbours?

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  • How Well Do You Get On With Your Neighbours?

    Mrs frt popped next door around 4.30 this arvo to return something or other, half an hour later I get a text to bring wine.
    Not for the first time a couple of drinks led to more drinks followed by a couple of calls to other neighbours who also came over and joined in.
    Impromptu dinner party ensued as we cobbled together the contents of our fridges for entree, main and dessert.
    8 hours later and we finally stagger home, hic...

    Where was I?

    Oh yeah, how well do you get on with your neighbours?

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    Next door is a Homeswest house. Brooke is 29 years old and has four young kids. Two of them with some criminal type is apparently out of the scene these days. Her current boyfriend, Ryan, is the father of the last two. He's home this year, after spending last year in jail.

    There's the usual domestic arguments between those two. And various yelling by each of them at the kids.

    Naturally, each of them is incapable of any sort of employment. Ryan did actually get a job a year and a half ago, and lasted an entire few days before punching the boss and getting fired. It's all Centrelink sponsorship next door.

    I work nights and sleep during the day. I've got four young kids next door who scream and make noise all the time. I live next to the next generation of bogan criminal.

    I don't particularly like kids, but it does bother me when innocent kids get taken and harmed (eg Daniel Morcombe case). I wouldn't be particularly bothered if the four next door went missing (pretty bloody ecstatic, actually).

    Oh, when Ryan and Brooke did break up before he went to jail at at the start of last year, he hooked up with some ex-girlfriend drug dealer. One of the results of this was them coming over one night, him smashing in Brooke's front door and (apparently) belting her.

    I have a problem with snails in my letterbox so put some copper tape around it (snails won't cross copper). That went missing a few weeks later.

    I get shitloads of junk mail, so stuck two No Junk Mail signs on the letterbox. Both of those also went missing within weeks.

    Apparently another of the Homeswest houses up the road was the local drug dealer until a police raid finished that off.

    The house a few doors down has various friends that like to see how fast they can get their 1990s shitbox cars going down the hill (I live at the bottom of the hill).

    The house across the road sold recently, and the new owners moved in this week. I don't know what the fuck they were banging each afternoon this week, but it sounded like someone was just banging a hammer against wood for an hour or two each afternoon. I love motorbikes, but did they really have to start up their dirt bike at 8am yesterday, when I was trying to get to sleep?

    When I went away for a few weeks in January, the last people that I wanted to know about it were my neighbours.

    And this is Como.

    Sure, I'd love to share a drink with my neighbours. Cyanide for them and soft drink for me, thanks.

    Wanna swap?
    One owner. Only driven gently on Sundays. Sold to best offer. First to see will buy. Reward offered for safe return. Coming soon to a cinema near you. Available for a limited time only.

    My waterbed broke this morning. Oh, I don't have a waterbed. Bugger.


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      When I was living in Sydney my next door neighbour ended up becoming one of my best mates and we became close family friends (god father to his daughter etc). Similar story to yours old fart, would pop over for something or other and next thing we are playing the Ps3, a bottle of bundy rum or a carton of hahn would be gone and my wife would be calling asking where the hell am I?

      Moved to Cairns, had a right arsehole next to me who I think was jealous of me being FIFO, as every single time I went away he would cause issues with my wife. He even threatened to her that he was going to get a log (we live in the rainforest part) and drop it across our driveway when she was out with my (then) 3 month old baby boy. Confronted him a few times when I was home, would get nothing from him, go back to work, the shit would start again. We used to get constant calls from the council about or dogs, so much so we ended up becoming friends with the Ranger. He would call and say, just so you know, **** has called again, not to worry though just letting you know (as he knew he was just being an arse and our dogs were no trouble). We even got a call from the Ranger when we were on holiday once and our dogs were away in a kennel, he just called for no reason other than to be a prick. Went to the cops a few times, they didn't really care although they did do some drive by's of our place for me when I was on site once just to keep an eye on my wife which I was grateful for (about the tree/driveway incident).
      The only way we stopped him was that my wife is a lawyer and sent him a letter saying we were going to take him to court and get an order against him. That and we ended up moving 6 months later (although we still own the house). Haven't heard boo since. The funny part of it all is we rented our house to a tattooist who owns a Harley and has two big mastiff dogs. ha ha. Couldn't have asked for a better tenant. Hope he is giving my (ex)neighbour hell.

      Now living in Perth, have an old couple on each side. Not drinking partners but enough to say g'day when I see them.


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        Mmmm... well what a topic and where should I begin?

        Sadly neighbourhood relations are poor now in society as no one seem to give a shit about their neighbours.
        We have always advised neighbours when we had parties (maybe one or two a year) and music was off by 12 midnight.

        Our current location is crap, no one talks to anyone, one or two of them make as much noise as they feel meets their
        own needs (air compressors, rattle guns at night in sheds, doof doof music till 3am in morning)
        What's amazing is when it matters to them to get to work the next day they are in bed by 9.30pm
        My wife has gone into work on 3 hours sleep and as Nurse that is dangerous when dealing with medications etc

        If you have great neighbours its a blessing, unfortunately its rare and
        there is always one or two that wreck a great street. We all live in boxes (squares of land)
        and the right thing to do is keep your shit and noise to your own box (house)

        Best times I ever had was on the farm, but even then noise can travel at nights...


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          I barely even see my neighbours. On the right side there is a young Indian couple, I tried saying hello a few times but get nothing back he rides as well but it is a honda.
          Left hand side is a rental and couple living there he just happens to be a manager at Komatsu when I was there and seeing as I was just a filthy workshop grunt won't speak to me. Couple doors down is a mate of a mate I have met before he always a thumbs up or a wave as I go past or had a quick chat if walking his kid and I'm out front.
          I give friendly waves to most of my neighbours as I pass but I think because I am that noisey fucker on a bike who comes home late I am the devil
          B19 Oakford V.B.F.S


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            Neighbours!!!!!! That should be the new Real Estate buzz word. Fuck that LOCATION LOCATION shit. If you have great neighbours, it doesn't really matter what Perth suburb you live in.
            I have friends that bought in residential Sth Perth. You'd think buying in any SP street would be safe. Not the street they chose. It has a small block of 12 units with temp accom for Homeswest dropouts! You know, the ones finally evicted from Harlem. Needless to say, his street wasn't ideal for raising young kids. Strange men laying outside drinking from bottles in brown paper bags.
            My real estate advice is.... find a nice house, in the general area you wish to live, and then thoroughly check out the neighbours. Ask questions, visit them to enquire about riff raff. Then cross your fingers.
            Justine.... Always and Forever


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              Been pretty lucky, have always had good neighbours, still best friend with neighbours i had in kalgoorlie over 15 years ago, still in touch with the majority of my other neighbours from 4 different houses. Current neighbours are great, just happen to see them outside at the same time, usually ends up in a chat for a good part of an hour. Quiet street in a quiet town, anything suspect is notived immediately and seen by someone, we all look out for each other without being in each others pockets.
              'Tis easier to ask forgiveness, than it is to get permission..


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                We've got rich people living next door. When my kids were younger they hid on my balcony and pointed a laser pointer through the window at his giant plasma TV. Later they spattered his windows with spit balls. I get on well with the drunken Polish people on the other side of him though.
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                  Neighbor to the left is OCD and appears to live a real life 'Pleasantville' existence with his well trained housewife and impeccably groomed children. However, his kid does occasionally knock on our front door and run off and I think the poor kid actually thinks he is some skillful ninja or something.

                  Neighbor to the right is a stay-at-home mum clinging to her sanity while her husband is out all day. Despite them appearing to be what I would see as 'normal' and potential friendly neighbors, we talk maybe once every 6 months, and that's if we do accidentally make eye contact on the driveway. I put it down to the age gap. And the husband appears to go out of his way to avoid any contact. At least the wife smiles. They have twins around the same age as my daughter but they are rarely seen outside and if they are, they are limited to playing on their lawn with each other.

                  Neighbor directly in front has been on my "do what you can to fucking annoy her" list since I was 18 y/o. She knocked on our door at 5am demanding I move my car because parking it half on our lawn and half on the road made it difficult for her to reverse her 4x4 out of their driveway. Alas I started parking with my wheel just pinching the curb so I could be totally on the road from that point onwards and she would run out screaming EVERY day. She's notorious for bitching people out for stepping on her perfect lawn. It's depressing, but also amusing, when the neighborhood kids play ball outside and it rolls onto their lawn - it's like all those movies I saw growing up when the kids feared that 1 crazy neighbor and had to dare each other to run onto the lawn to retrieve the ball/frisbee/whatev.

                  Neighbor to the right of them are hot and cold. Got along quite well for about 3 months a few years ago when our kids would play together, but then they turned weird. They had their kids/grandkids living with them for years and 1 of the grandkids was around my daughters age and they always TRIED to play together when they're out the front but the grandkids mum (neighbors kid) now ALWAYS yells at her daughter and tells her to either get in the car or go inside. Totally obvious they think I/we are horrible people, but not quite sure what gave it away. I almost snapped at her a few days ago when the grandkid said hi to my daughter and the mum told her to shoosh and hurry into the car - the whole family (3 generations) were all standing there and saw it all happen and I thought it'd be a perfect time to call them out but really... do I want to force people who don't like me/us for whatever reason to let our kids play together? Not really, no.

                  Neighbor to the left of the crazy neighbor is sadly a rental home - it doesn't matter who the tenant is and how friendly they are, within a few months their spirit is destroyed and their soul is crushed and they become just another antisocial zombie who minimizes the time between exiting a vehicle and running to the front door so as to reduce the chance of seeing or being seen by someone - if they don't already have access to their house from inside their garage - then they are never seen.


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                    How Well Do You Get On With Your Neighbours?

                    My partner, our almost 2 year old girl and myself moved into our home that was semi complete around August last year. No drive, no garden no flooring and partially finished fencing.

                    Before the builders had even started earthworks, I wrote a letter to three of our immediate Neighbours with our phone numbers and emails, which we followed up with a visit eventually to talk about fencing sand what we had planned.

                    We had Xmas beers and nibblies with Neighbours from either side and talk whenever we see each other. The older retired gentleman from one side has given me keys too his house as he's away for a month or more.

                    One morning on bin day, the across the road neighbour and I made eye contact as we both put out the bins where my 'Morning' was met with a blank stare and silence....

                    Taking the mrs and kid for an Arvo / evening ride and the same thing, we made eye contact and we were heading in their direction 'Hello, nice breeze this afternoon' and the bloke turns his back to me, checks the letterbox and returns back inside. His mrs was slot friendlier though.

                    That's being said, I've had all sorts of trades and work bring done over the last 6 months (during business hours of course) partially blocking the street etc. I've always ensured everyone's been parked off lawns and made sure the area is clean at the end of the day when they've knocked off.

                    It may have something to do with the bluey, flanno and boardies I'm always wearing???

                    Some people must have huge problems if they struggle to muster the decency to say 'Hello' to a neighbour. Sad for them really.
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                      I move in 6 days and one of my soon-to-be neighbors is a hoarder...

                      Dunno how that will go.
                      Originally posted by Desmo
                      Why be a cunt about it?


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                        Live in a cul-de-sac, we all get on well, couple of them are just nod and G'day types, rest are stop and chat, look after pets and have a beer type. Take turns putting out all the bins onto 1 lawn to make it easier for the garbo etc

                        Older couple are fantastic keeping an eye out for strange cars/people. Get on particularly well with a neighbour that rides (Son too) and a casual spin for lunch or coffee anywhere from Wokalup north

                        Only 1 have older kids that work on their POS cars at odd times, leave oil stains on the street, turbo timers that run too long either early or late, etc that pisses me off but can't complain really


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                          Originally posted by agrid View Post
                          We've got rich people living next door.
                          Rich people might be cunts, but it's statistically proven that they are better than poor people.

                          I hate poor people, they're beneath me.


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                            We have a similar relationship with our neighbours. Almost a weekly event to share dinner, drinks and pools. Also means we have great house/puppy sitters and emergency kid pickup contacts Love our neighbours.

                            Last house was not so good. That lot were determined to get me to church and could regularly be heard praying for our souls. Creepy IMHO.


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                              One side are great, boating n BBqs, hey we'll feed the chickens whilst your away.
                              Stood on balcony having morning coffee this week and watch the other side, retiree bogans with no right to live on this street without his payout money, bring out their scungy mutt and push it onto my front lawn for its toilet, and stand there watching it with their equally bogan scum son.
                              I was less than enthusiastic about the arrangement and mentioned it quite forcefully, doesnt take much to mess a street up unfortunately.
                              Across are massive garden Nazis, they may equally hate me for being slack with the lawns I guess.
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                              But what is your country going to do to you next?