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Barfy's thread for 'getting it off your chest' v2.0

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    Permit me an ill-tempered observation.

    If someone were to talk to you and say something a long the lines of, "oh man, that noun is so some other noun," you may look befuddled, possibly shake your head and lament that some other village's idiot has found his or her way into your company. How else to rationalise a person telling you a thing is in fact another thing when it clearly is not?

    If you wish to describe what you find a noun to be, you would use an adjective. I understand that the lines can get a little blurry between what constitutes an adjective or a noun, some words do both (indeed, there are also a few words that as well as being nouns and adjective, moonlight as verbs and adverbs. "Light" you crafty bastard) and that must be really confusing to some of the more mentally vacuous out there, but I can unambiguously assure each and every one of you fucking morons that "porn" is not one of those words.

    I feel that this should go without saying, but "porn" is a shortening for "pornography". It is a noun. It is a thing. You can't porn someone. Perhaps you could porn shag someone, but you would probably instead to elect to use the name of the act or position. In fact, you may even be able to situationally say, "oh hey! Look at that porn car" if indeed the car driving past you was a car from a porno that you had seen. Nonetheless, its use as an adverb and its rare situational potential as an adjective are a long way from my point.

    Each time you describe that exhaust as sounding "porn" or that car or bike or whatever as looking "porn" I understand you to probably mean "sexy" and simultaneously, immediately understand you to be an idiot.

    Just stop. It's nonsense.
    Originally posted by Ferris
    I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

    Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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      Barfy's thread for 'getting it off your chest' v2.0

      Dude, that shit is so true!

      Yes, I know 'true' is an adjective.


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        Originally posted by darth lefty View Post
        Weak rant...
        You believe in evolution don't you?


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          Originally posted by Rich... View Post
          You believe in evolution don't you?
          Right at the top you'll notice that I stated it is an ill-tempered observation and besides, it's scoring better than par in this shit-shoot of a thread (deference given to [MENTION=7674]Captain Starfish[/MENTION] speaking the truth about the eye-fuckery that is HDR).
          Originally posted by Ferris
          I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

          Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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            Just love it

            People buy things from else where, all cool...

            then come to you for your help because you stock the same product?......and then its my problem they don't know what to do and weren't told how to use it properly??

            Go back to the place you bought it from no??

   - - -


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              This Monday can go and eat a dick

              wake up 3am, can't sleep, watch shopping channel and decide after an hour we need a shark sonic cleaner, luckily credit card in room with sleeping wife, saved

              8:00 am email war starts, legal dept remind me how important it is to have contracts signed, I put an eye over the three contracts to discover 2 expire the day before they start and the third is to the wrong company, morning appointments blown.

              Meanwhile i booked an early flight with qantas to make sure I get a good nights sleep before meeting in Vic tomorrow, flight delayed 2 hours. then another half an hour

              i write off day and head to airport to avoid traffic, of which there is non, get into airport in record time and decide against qantas club because it's probably busier inside than out. ( like Darwin !! ) email war continues ...

              meanwhile plane arrives late and engineers are giving it a once over and taking pics, hmmmmmm, which leads to extra delay, fair enough I spose, so the 3 hour early flight intake leaves same time as the later flight I decided against

              We make up time in the air and then the baggage carousel breaks down, they tell us to go to other carousel to get baggage as this ones broken down causing delay, 15 minutes later no bag I glance over shoulder noting bag has appeared on original carousel and going round and round

              It's now 11:38 Melbourne time, fuk it, I'm gonna sit this one out till the end, Monday can go an eat a dick.
              I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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                Fucking Perth bus drivers running red lights at causeway, start of terrace and all the way up it. Next one I think I'll run ahead, board said bus at bus stop and go fucking ape shit, you fucking areseholes. Want to keep to a timetable, my life worth less than yours? Fuck you, fuck you very much arrogant fucks.

                Oh and the fucking renters with shit music and many subwoofers in middle of the night, fuck you too. Contemplated waking you up early with a sledge hammer panel beating to your hilux and commodore. Then a molotov through your car's windscreen by way of your face. Trying to have a toddler sleep through your constant weekly arseholiness. Fuck you, fuck you with a fragmenting grenade up your arse!

                Then there's the fucking rest of them that have pissed me off and made my week a fucking misery before it's even begun! Found myself shouting at the television tonight, full of fucking retards on shitty reality tv shows and arseholes that think a loud applause track in this day and age is needed, fuck you I can't hear the question let alone the answer. Fuck me I must have got real old real soon. Shitty fucking week. God help the next fucking clown.

                This thread is far too fucking mellow and not offering any catharsis. Fuck this!

                [MENTION=7674]Captain Starfish[/MENTION] now is the time to tap into my inner rage and find a solution to your neighbourhood nuisance. Although I like the [MENTION=5421]Phildo[/MENTION] approach.
                Inconsiderate pricks need to understand by way of some sort of experience that impinges on their right to a peaceful existence. I think I could do that, maybe it could be a service I sell. Off to bed, no doubt only to wake and ride to work and snap in such a way that would make Michael Douglas's character in Falling Down die of embarrassment for such a poor effort.
                Originally posted by Abuse this
                Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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                  Sporting cliches,

                  Yeah we got hammered today but we can take so many positives out of this.

                  Like what exactly?


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                    Originally posted by Old frt View Post
                    Sporting cliches,

                    Yeah we got hammered today but we can take so many positives out of this.

                    Like what exactly?
                    Well, they played their game and gave it 110%.

                    The losing team overcame a lot of adversity, and it is what it is.
                    One owner. Only driven gently on Sundays. Sold to best offer. First to see will buy. Reward offered for safe return. Coming soon to a cinema near you. Available for a limited time only.

                    My waterbed broke this morning. Oh, I don't have a waterbed. Bugger.


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                      Fucktards/cuntards that smoke in the non smoking area at the airport, especially near the fucking entrance door. Because I really crave and want to suck back your tar infested, cancer ridden putrid smoke at 4 am walking through, you inconsiderate ignorant neanderthals. It's not like its very obvious that yellow paint every where is enough to realise your on the wrong fuckin side. Then get shitty with me because I have pointed out to the dumb shit morons that the sign they're leaning against sucking their lungs into a grave says its a non fucking smoking area. I didn't see a sign that says I needed a BG4 apparatus to breathe on my way to my flight. Fuck you I hope you get cock and arse cancer for Christmas.
                      Don't be that person.


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                        Hi Electrolux.

                        You really do drop the ball when it comes to replacing defective items.
                        I'm wondering if we have made a mistake trusting your brand when we asked for one of your convection ovens as a wedding present.
                        We failed to notice your convection oven has a KNOWN PROBLEM with the tray shattering in the oven when in use.
                        Yes, your tray breaks when being used in your appliance.

                        Fortunately, we were told, you replace those trays.

                        Well, when we called, the lady informed us she would have one out to us in three days.

                        That made us happy.

                        A week later, when we had not heard, nor received anything we called.
                        We were then told our turn table had been broken by the post man and we would have to wait six weeks until a new shipment arrived. THat was the 16th of this month.

                        Still nothing.

                        Today my wife called, was polite in asking for resolution, and felt she was flipped off as we were told the last shipment has all gone and we will have to wait again.

                        Though no time frame was offered this time.

                        We are looking down the barrel of at least a ten week wait to have a known problem rectified by your company.
                        IS this a reflection on how your company deals with all of its customers?

                        Should i place this wedding gift out for verge collection?

                        Did we make a mistake in trusting your brand?


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                          Gonna sell my bike in a month or so... have to get that off my chest now so that I can start the grieving process now.


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                            This is why I hate people



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                              Have been on the road for 10 days.

                              Every day I get overtaken a number of times by the same fuckwits with caravans flogging it to the next rest stop.

                              No drama normally, however going uphill then running out of revs, over double white lines, on a highway that runs thousands of road trains a day. After 500 k's we still arrive at the same town, at the same time.

                              On a good note, I now increase my speed just a little before letting the cunts back in. The wife in the passenger seat goes ballistic and this makes me smile.

                              Learn to drive and buy a UHF mother fuckers. No wonder the heavys hate it when you pricks wake up and start moving each day.
                              Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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                                Originally posted by Halo_2 View Post
                                Working with irish tradie can be annoying, his worried about everything, some of his suggestions end up being fuck ups and have to check his work for stuff ups.
                                Working with Aussie tradies can be very frustrating too,lots of whinging and a lot are VERY lazy and do fuck all work