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a story of really bad stuff

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  • a story of really bad stuff

    i've tried writing my little story a few times now, and it's just never quite worked out. it was going to be a big spiel about all sorts of shit, but it's been deleted a few times. i'll just keep it simple.
    my wife died on good friday. we don't know why. things are really fucked, and i'm a bit of a mess.
    things you should learn from my shit, especially if you have a partner and/or kids:
    • write a will.
    • keep your financial affairs in order
    • ensure someone, especially your other half knows what you want to happen with regards to funerals etc
    • have life insurance of some sort

    all these are things my wife didn't have. i'm just lucky i have the emotional and financial backing of my family, and will survive. if you have kids, you may have to change your career direction. i have kids, so my fifo career is going to take a sudden change of direction, even though i'd already been considering a town based job.
    lastly, take every opportunity to tell your loved ones what you feel about them, cos you never know when you may have the opportunity taken away. don't think "it'll never happen to me", my wife was only 44 and apparently healthy and full of life, and the very last person you'd expect to die.
    and that's it.
    RIP chezza

    some of you have met cheryl through me, but she didn't really have a lot to do with psb things. if you ever used the old kingsley medical centre or it's successor, kingsway medical centre, you'd probably know her. she spent 16 years working for them, between 1991 and now

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    Shit mate so sorry to hear of your loss Glad you have family support
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    Originally posted by Phildo
    Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
    Originally posted by filbert
    i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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      It wasn't SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome) was it? My younger brother was in outdoor-ed class at high school a couple years back and his heart just stopped. He would have died if it was not for the teacher performing CPR and the close proximity of the school to Freo hospital. His heart stopped six more times that night, luckily each time they were able to shock him back. He now has a defibrillator in his chest.

      With SADS, your heart just stops. No known reason, can happen to anyone anytime and there's no tests for it.

      Really sorry to hear about your loss.


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        I am truly sorry to hear of your loss.

        I don't know that this is the place to write this, but sometimes there's insurance linked to superannuation policies that get forgotten about.

        Again, sincere condolenses.
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          Thoughts go out to you and the family, bloody shit thing to deal with.
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            Sorry for your loss


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              So sorry for your loss.
              I hope your family find some solace in the lack of pain involved in your wife's passing.
              Please accept my family's condolences.
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                You have my condolences Chief
                It pains me that I have nothing better to say and nothing I say can make it better
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                  thoughts go out to you CW! PSB community will always be here mate. Need help? just ask.
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                    Oh man. CW, I've not met you before and I'm at a loss for words right now. What Pinkee said, we're all here to help
                    Rest in Peace
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                      Sorry for your loss.

                      Its times like this that family and friends are your best support.

                      You are right, my mum passed suddenly without a Will and it turned into a Nightmare.

                      Was easier just to walk away and Remember Her in my mind and with photo's.

                      No words can change how you are feeling at the moment, so just let your emotions out and

                      be with people who Care.
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                        I'm so sorry for your loss CW. Look after yourself and your kids during this horrible time, such an awful experience as a child has the ability to completely break a person for the rest of their life. Like Pinkee said the PSB community is here just waiting to help you and the family, if you should need/want it.
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                          So sorry for your loss. Thanks for taking the time to help us learn from your experience.


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                            My condolences Chief (a little lost for words to be honest).

                            If you need anything, just ask.


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                              My thoughts and prayers are with you.
                              What I'd like to say has pretty much been said by those before me.

                              Be sure to look after yourself and your kids mate.
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