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Toyota Tundra Dually - Widest vehicle on the road?

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  • Toyota Tundra Dually - Widest vehicle on the road?

    Anyone seen one of these on the road here in WA before?

    I was riding in to the CBD on the Kwinana and one was in front of me. Those outer wheels almost touched the line at each edge of the lane!! No way to split past that thing...
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      I know how this thread is going to...

      'Why would you need a car that big?'
      'That rear end is ugly'
      'He's obviously compensating for something'
      'How does he park that in carparks?'
      'Lane splitting is legal and he's infringing on my rights to split at warp speed'
      'Lane splitting is illegal'
      'Why would you want to own something like that?'

      Edit: For anyone wondering it's 2.5m wide. A Toyota Hilux is 1.76m wide.


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        And they are not cheap
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          Because I NEED it to pick up a couple of bags of potting mix from Bunning's.
          Originally posted by Desmo
          Why be a cunt about it?


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            Same price as a 200 series Land Cruiser Sahara.


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              Cheap in the states though....
              We really do get ripped off in Aus dont we!


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                Toyota Tundra Dually - Widest vehicle on the road?

                Lots of them over east, especially in the hunter region for the horsy types. Few up this way in QLD to, few also now for sale as the mining industry has fallen through the floor......parked next to the jetskis, motorbikes and HSV/FPV's along the Mackay Moranbah road.
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                etc etc..


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                  Tundra is a very reliable vehicle. Its towing capacity is impressive. It can hold even a trailer))


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                    Originally posted by Loud View Post
                    Anyone seen one of these on the road here in WA before? ...
                    Seen one parked on most weekdays at BGC's Mount Street office. Can't seem to fit that thing into the undercover carpark so it's next to the entrance on an angle almost touching the wall next to it.

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                    Best I can do to describe the issue is this.

                    But now it's a bit more like this
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                      I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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                        one dude got over 1 million miles in his tundra was still in decent condition and traded it in for a new one


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                          Never seen the tundra but there's a couple of f350's NOR and I might have also seen a dodge of some sort


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                            have sighted a Tundra on the Mitchell Carpark northbound.....impressive size, Toyota reliability, what could go wrong? Oh yeah....where can I park it?
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                            I'm probably fucking something up.
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                              What a bastard of a thing to live with, unless you never go near town or have to fit it in a parking spot. I own a Nissan Patrol trayback with a 400mm chassis extension , and that is a C*nt of a thing to live with around congested areas, without the width issue. Turning circle of a Panamax. Unless you are an absolute wanker and just need all the Yankee crap ( Hummers, Jeeps, etc), there is only one use, and that is for towing capacity. For those who do not know, most of the "normal" 4wds are limited to 3.5 tonnes. Noticed how many humungous trailer boats are out there now? A lot of those are very close to/over that 3.5 tonne limit. This is where the tanks come in. Most are 4.5 tonnes rated. Ever driven one? I took an F350 out on the road out of Kalbarri for a burn some years ago--it was like towing a wide load with nothing behind you--you had to be so aware of where the edges were, and passing a caravan?--faaaark. just tight as. No thanks, unless I REALLY had to.
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