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Will you lose your job to a robot in your lifetime?

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  • Will you lose your job to a robot in your lifetime?

    Watched an interesting video called 'Humans need not apply' talking about how many jobs will either become outdated or the human worker will be replaced by a robot.

    A robot isn't necessarily a moving one with arms that you see assembling cars, but can also be a driverless car, a self-serve checkout at Woolworths or a computer program which analyses the stock market.

    My questions are:
    • What is your job/trade/qualification?
    • How old are you? (if you're shy about your age, your generation will do)
    • Do you think your job will be/can be replaced by robots/automation before you retire? If not, why?
    • Alternatively, will your job just become non-existant such as coal miners, loggers & baby seal poachers?

    The narrator mentions that some of the first to go will be those in the transport industry. Truck drivers, taxi drivers and bus drivers. Self driving vehicles will have less accidents, don't get tired or distracted and can work 24hrs/day without demanding penalty rates. They don't need to be perfect, just better than humans.

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    Engineer, 33, Not going to be replaced by a robot - they cant come up with new technologies or new ways of doing things, until they can think creatively (I.e artificial intelligence) I should be safe. Computers will no doubt reduce the amount of maths etc required by my job tough. For example - FEA has already reduced the need for high level maths required in many design scenarios, however it still takes a skilled operator to use it an analyse the output.


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      Can I say vibrator?
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        i dont think i'll lose my job to a robot just yet, but never say never

        * Im trade qualified but now my job is sales "solutions"
        * the other side of 40, but thats ok because 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40 and 90 is just still plain over the hill
        * Because people don't buy big stuff from corporations or machines they buy stuff from people, robots can't interact with people or have relationships
        * my original trade very well might but not relationship selling roles. (thats my bet anyway) Someone will have to sell the robots to automate to someone.
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          Robots are too intelligent to put up my working conditions.
          They'd strike.


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            I work for Australia Post, my job is being replaced by the Internet.


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              In answer to your questions;

              Refrigeration Fitter, company owner, supervisor, designer, public relations manager, negotiator, staff manager, kindy teacher, head kicker, psychologist, toilet cleaner.
              Fucking hope so, cant wait.
              Unfortunately I doubt it, people are so soft nowadays they cannot go without refrigeration or A/C.

              Service industries is where the future lies and I think a lot of people are in for a big shock over the next ten years, especially those who think they are indispensable.

              I'll be the old snarky prick laughing at you all.
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                Exciting times... what new jobs will pop up to fill in the void that automation creates...


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                  I work in diagnostic genetics and I'm over 40.

                  We already use several robots, and they even have moving parts! In addition, we have equipment that automate a lot of tasks. This has been hugely beneficial. Yes, it has replaced the need for staff to perform these tasks, but it has freed them up to do other things which robots can not do, which is result interpretation, and recognising when further testing needs to be performed. My job commonly does not have a yes or no answer. The result has to be interpreted against current knowledge and some in silico predictions are conflicting. I don't think this component could be currently performed by AI.

                  So, I expect that in my lifetime the vast majority of my job will be replaced by robotics or automation, but the interpretation bit will still need to be performed by humans.

                  I welcome our new robotic overlords


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                    Graduate engineer
                    No chance of it getting replaced (when I get one), I may even up up designing a few (sorry guys...)
                    Will be around forever, engineers are glorified problem solvers, whilst there are problems there will be engineers.


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                      Originally posted by INTJ View Post
                      Exciting times... what new jobs will pop up to fill in the void that automation creates...
                      The guy who makes the videos has the scripts on his website. Here is an idea to consider.

                      Imagine a pair of horses in the early 1900s talking about technology. One worries all these new mechanical muscles will make horses unnecessary.

                      The other reminds him that everything so far has made their lives easier -- remember all that farm work? Remember running coast-to-coast delivering mail? Remember riding into battle? All terrible. These city jobs are pretty cushy -- and with so many humans in the cities there are more jobs for horses than ever.

                      Even if this car thingy takes off you might say, there will be new jobs for horses we can't imagine.

                      But you, dear viewer, from beyond 2000 know what happened -- there are still working horses, but nothing like before. The horse population peaked in 1915 -- from that point on it was nothing but down.

                      There isn’t a rule of economics that says better technology makes more, better jobs for horses. It sounds shockingly dumb to even say that out loud, but swap horses for humans and suddenly people think it sounds about right.

                      As mechanical muscles pushed horses out of the economy, mechanical minds will do the same to humans. Not immediately, not everywhere, but in large enough numbers and soon enough that it's going to be a huge problem if we are not prepared. And we are not prepared.

                      You, like the second horse, may look at the state of technology now and think it can’t possibly replace your job. But technology gets better, cheaper, and faster at a rate biology can’t match.

                      Just as the car was the beginning of the end for the horse so now does the car show us the shape of things to come.


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                        Humans are adaptive & full of ingenuity, because of that, they're the dominant specie.
                        In the greatest adversities is where the greatest achievements are made.

                        Automation & robotics have existed for decades now, this is just a natural advancement of that technology.
                        Yes, there will be jobs that will become obsolete, but there will also be new jobs created, jobs that doesn't exist now.

                        I wouldn't compare humans to horses, unless you think like one...
                        look where you want to go~


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                          Business Analyst aged 38.

                          No robot can ever analyse data and draw useful insights for decision makers just yet.

                          Whilst the data analysis can be automated, only a human can draw meaningful info from it.
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                            Paramedic. 25yo.

                            I think I'll be alright for the foreseeable future
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                              Special Needs Education Assistant....not quite 40 yet

                              My job will stay. I have to deal with human beings emotions. Think that would be quite difficult for a robot.
                              And my job is never black & white....lots of grey....tonnes of any regulation would probably be impossible.
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