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  • What do you do to pass time?

    To cut a long story short...

    My girlfriend got a job in Karratha, so we both moved. I'm FIFO to Darwin with plenty of time to spare when I'm back in Karratha.

    I tend to get bored. Very bored actually, so I want to know what you all do for fun apart from riding?

    I have 5 days a week without the girlfriend's supervision so I'm hoping for ideas that are fairly time consuming and not too expensive!



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    If your into anything outdoors then you can't possibly get bored around Karratha. Never ending supply of fishing, diving, camping, 4wding nearby and as far as you want to venture. There is heaps of sport up there and the new Leisureplex for Gym/pool etc is bloody awesome as well.
    For a 1/2 to full day explore go for a drive out to Pt Samson for a beer and a feed at Moby's and a swim at Honeymoon cove. Then fishing and picking oysters off the rocks at Cleaverville beach on the way back.
    Or if you want to liven things up stop in at the pub in Roebourne and ask for anything other than export.....
    Miaree Pool, Harding Dam, Fortescue River, Euro's Bluff, Do I need to go on? Get out there and enjoy one of the most amazing parts of the country.
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      Photography? $600 will get you a decent starter package.

      Learn a new skill? Welding? Painting? Woodwork?

      My dad seems to enjoy finding old things to restore, bicycles, lawnmowers, telephones etc

      Teach yourself computer programming, website design?

      Most of MIT's course material is available online nowadays so you can theoretically teach yourself any degree-level subject you want for free (without the certificate to prove it though)

      Originally posted by Aufitt
      Try Para045, he definitely sounds all gooey in the fork for ya


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        Both are good suggestions, some more learning would be good. Might see what tafe has on.

        I wouldn't mind getting into some adventure riding up here but its hard to find the ride buddies to do it safely. All my mates work up here during the week, could just buy an epirb I guess?

        And yep the outdoors is a must up here, the drz gets a work out a few times a week exploring, also do some shore based fishing which keeps we busy for a day.

        Good ideas, keep em coming fellas!


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          Chuck Norris is 1/8th Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry, the man ate a fucking Indian.


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            Fucked if I know. I've primarily worked from home for 6 years. It gets lonely, boring and fucking sucks because everyone else is actually at work 'working' when you're at home 'working'. Then people snicker when you complain about how isolating working from home truly is.

            I play PC games, watch YouTube, Netflix, and think about all the cool shit I could do with such a lucky position I've found myself in.

            But I never do any of it. That's the trap.

            Same happened when I was teaching full-time. All those school holidays were the center of many conversations with 'harder working' folks who envied it. Yet... what the fuck am I meant to do when everyone else is at work? Hang out at Centerlink with the stay-at-home mums?


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              Originally posted by INTJ View Post
              Hang out at Centerlink with the stay-at-home mums?
              Yes, and offer them an assistance package
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                Originally posted by INTJ View Post
                Fucked if I know. I've primarily worked from home for 6 years. It gets lonely, boring and fucking sucks because everyone else is actually at work 'working' when you're at home 'working'. Then people snicker when you complain about how isolating working from home truly is
                i feel your pain brother , its 7.5 years home based for me, will be 8 in December

                as far as suggestions go ?

                Musical instruments are good, i have a 5 string bass and 6 string electric within arms reach of me right now.

                Teach yourself how to cook from scratch, its a life skill actually saves money and might get you laid more often *****

                when the kids were very little i'd get stuck as daddy daycare on nights and weekends (still are) whenever the missus would work so I began building the little bloke model aeroplanes from card paper. There are sites online you can download them and print them out on your printer ( for free some of them ), some of them are very very detailed google GPM modele kartonowe under images. i'd post up a picture however they all got played with and the survival rate was, well, nil. it doesnt get much cheaper and time consuming than that.

                ***** please note actual increase of getting laid results may vary
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                  Buy an Xbox and get fallout. I've wasted 250 hours on a game before on my first play through
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                    Isn't Gsxr-in-shed in Karratha.??

                    Hang out and ride with him.
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                      Originally posted by TROUBLE View Post
                      Isn't Gsxr-in-shed in Karratha.??

                      Hang out and ride with him.
                      That's like sayin...just " leave the kids with grand dad they'll be fine...."

                      gsxinshed works for a livin...sweetheart....thanks for the offer....I have 5 HRS a week spare ...not 5 days....

                      SOOOOO.....heaps of stuff to do in this shit little town "in the middle of nowhere,by the sea."

                      crabs.....prawns......divin....snorkelin.....hooke rz.....rebelz....umm....oh ...did i say beer..?

                      N stuff....lots of bikes up here..... dirt bikes/2 strokes.......

                      sadly.....most of us still do 8-10-12 Hr days....

                      Coupla Dukes...1199 etc...

                      you should fit right in... diverse group on buttface.... Face buk... whateva...Tambrey For Beer.. Tavern for bets....Port of call for hookerz...Karratha Bikers for most of everything else....

                      Mate plays bass for a band...457... practice @ KBC.. Anderson road. cheers. man... HI.
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                        What about volunteering? Bush Fire, Volunteer Fire Rescue, SES, Volunteer Sea Rescue, Paramedic.

                        Good way to meet locals and do some good for the community.
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                          Build a buggy, I am building a Barracuda buggy which involves a lot of welding, cutting and faffing about in the shed, it can take up a fair chunk of your time
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                            There is the Nichol Bay Pistol Club/Karratha Shooting Club if you are into that sort of thing
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                            Originally posted by Phildo
                            Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
                            Originally posted by filbert
                            i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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                              Originally posted by Sprint View Post

                              Terrible idea!