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Injured shoulder - Bursitis - recommend a specialist

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    Had both shoulders rebuilt last year 3 months apart , bursitis, muscle tears, ligament and carteledge damage to both. Dr johnathon spencer at Osbourne park hospital. 6-9 month recovery to full use. Feels like new again. [emoji106]
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      Thanks for all the input.
      Based on the comments I'm going to start training again (archery) but I am going to back off the poundage a fair bit. See if I can't get some strength back.
      I'll lay off the bmx. I think this is the main issue riding street, jumps etc is putting a fair bit of load through it.
      I'll also get a referral to one of the doctors mentioned and join the waiting list. I'm guessing it'll be a couple of months to get an appointment.
      See what happens.


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        Just been through a torn labrum repair - done by Geoff Cooper at West Coast Orthapaedics in Joondalup. It took about 2 weeks to see him after getting the refferal.

        The job he did was excellent, what is supposed to be a 1 year turnaround had me at 95+% in 6 months. I can do 150+ pushups in my usual workout again, there is still a bit of pain at the extremes of movement, swimming would sort that is I get my arse into gear and my acl is good for it. All done via keyhole too - so no mad scars. Speaking of which he has also replaced my ACL, which I was walking around unassisted 2-3 weeks after surgery because of the method he uses. PS its been a shit past 12 months in general thanks to all that

        As was said above - get a MRI, I should have been diagnosed with a torn labrum 3 months prior to when I was, I had been sent for X-rays and Ultrasounds and they just dont pick that sort of damage up. It would have been simpler surgery at that time, instead it kept tearing and ended up dislocating (8 crashes later...). I also had a CT scan to check the damage on my bones due tot he dislocation.


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