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    Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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      A girl who smokes is a dealbreaker for me.

      Must like dogs.

      Other than that nothing really bothers me too much. Ms boeman and I are polar opposites. She's a mild mannered fair skinned pom. I am a loud mouthed leathery old bogan. Between us we are tolerable.


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        Opposites attract...
        Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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          Originally posted by GETAGRIP View Post
          The only true dealbreaker for me in the past has been a difference in preference on the subject of kids, that's something decided well before the relationship starts and something unfair to expect the other person to change their mind on. Although I have never been able to bring myself to date a smoker.
          seen that one change before. a mate of mine (older) had his son marry pretty early to a girl who said from day one, before even marrying no kids, i dont want kids, i'm not going to have kids ever, she was definate, we thought it was a bit of a shame because he was a natural with kids and wanted some eventually. anyhoo saw them a while back and she was pushing a pram with another kid in tow. i saw his dad a bit later and said whats with that and he said no idea, one day she just changed
          I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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            Smoking and being a general toe rag.
            In sterquiliniis invenitur.


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              BDM, shallow, trend follower.
              They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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                Originally posted by BusaSteve View Post
                Opposites attract...
                Must be the magnetic personalities
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                Originally posted by Phildo
                Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
                Originally posted by filbert
                i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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                  Originally posted by Ryanoceros View Post
                  Sorry [MENTION=16420]TROUBLE[/MENTION] , but I won't be returning your calls
                  Why Stop now.????

                  What You See

                  Isn't always what you get


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                    For me its more about wanting a child/family (i want one and if they dont, im not interested in wasting either one of our time)

                    Having good money sense (ie not about the amount of money they earn, but about living within their means, saving for investments, having a plan)

                    Having the same morals and beliefs

                    Wanting new experiences, continued learning, improving themselves, and wanting to improve those around them... Also travel, very important that they want to travel and have a work life balance, as i need help with that...

                    Being a good person..They have to have some sort of nurturing personality...

                    Love of nature and animals is a must (says alot about a person imho). Being close to their family, and/or being able to understand my relationship with my family...

                    Riding bikes would be nice, but not essential, /QUOTE]

                    I want a girl , who gets up early (up early)
                    I want a girl , who stays up late ( stays up late )
                    I want a girl , with unbridled prosperity ,
                    Who uses a machete , to cut through red tape
                    I want a girl , with a short skirt and a long... a long... jacket
                    And big tits

                    Its not much to ask for is it ?
                    ...and as I sailed through the air in slow motion , my life flashed before my eyes , and I found myself completely bored


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                      I'd like to clarify I am not having a dig in fact I applaud anyone who has the courage to ask for what they want in a partner

                      And some day we'll find it , the rainbow connection , the lovers , the dreamers , and me
                      Lah la la lee , lah lee lah , lah lah, lah lee lah beedar boom
                      ...and as I sailed through the air in slow motion , my life flashed before my eyes , and I found myself completely bored


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                        how they treat people who they have nothing to gain from e.g. wait staff etc, it's a good arsehole indicator. chewing with mouth open. being ignorant by choice. i'm old enough to know things that seem cute at the start are gonna get bloody annoying. choosing a dependable habit over people (alcohol, drugs, gym, victim mentality etc).
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                          excessive boosh. i mean if the undies look like the nose piece of a Groucho Marx mask then i might start thinking i need to be somewhere else. i mean i seen men with beards get soup stuck in them so ah considering what the mop at the other end might capture...

                          [MENTION=6692]euphoric[/MENTION] comment about how a peep treats others i think is a real indicator.
                          You can't *burrrp* can't just post, just post anything you feel like morty, you just *burrp* just end up *burrp* end up hurting people's feelings morty I mean how, how would you like it if I said things that offended you morty?