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  • lanesplitting etiquette

    ok, I did search for it.

    the links that come up to previous lane splitting threads are pretty much dead

    is there any form of lanesplitting etiquette?


    when your in the "splitting" area, and a faster rider comes up behind you (almost sexy really) do you...

    A) get the fuck out the way so he can blast through

    Fuck him, your there first, he can wait

    C) other, if so what is it.

    Im asking as this has happened to me alot lately in peak hour traffic.

    i am always up behind 3 or 4 slow bikes on my way to work who just sit there, they see me in the mirror and dont shift back in one of the 30 or so opportunities presented into either lane. they site there, much much slower than even me (im slow as fuck between the cars but a shit load faster than they are)

    i have a few times had much faster travelling bikes in my mirror and i move into a lane until they have passed and then when they have i move back in and continue on my happy way.

    just interested to know what those who split do in these situations, do you get pissed if someone slower sits in the way, do you change lane and split in the next available lane? (ie 3 lane freeway).

    its always the same fuck for me tho, on a slow as shit blue bike, i never bother looking at him as i go around via another lane. he sees me in his mirrors and just sits in the lane at maybe 30k's

    if you have issues with splitting, this isnt the thread for it, this is for discussing etiquette

    and stuff

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    Never get pissed off as you lose concentration, move to another safe lane and overtake, only move back to the original lane when it is very safe to do so.

    Common sense
    I am the old bloke on the black and yellow cbr1krr


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      i follow etiquette A ... i guess its just being considerate on the road - faster lane splitters should respect slower riders (riding within thier comfort zone), but slower riders should have the courtesy to move outta tha way if thier holding back splitters behind ...

      but expect a nodd, wave or some acknowledgement as they go past

      on my 250 i was the guy holding people back, but on the 600 people seem to make way for me - so im happy
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        dont do it, cos lane splitting's bad, mkay?
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          I'm really bad at noticing riders behind me while splitting. My attention is always on what's in front of me.

          If I notice them, and if there is a gap then I will move over and let them through. More realistically they will pull up beside me at the lights and surprise me.
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            if i'm the slower rider (most cases on a 250) then moving to the opposite side of the oil slick is usually enough indication that you've noticed a faster splitter and they'll pass through...

            once in a while when someone is slower in front of me (it happens!) then give them a good half minute to notice you, if no indication then find another way around them - alternate lane or whatever, as long as it's not the same lane!

            i've noticed mostly slower splitters will move to the opposite side of the lane as soon as they can filter back between cars, and even waggle head side to side to indicate 'all clear' to pass


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              If I notice someone behind me, I'll get out of the way.
              I'm not usually stuck behind anyone (other than scooters), but if it's a chick, and her arse is nice, I'm quite happy to sit there. I mean, quite distracted from my haste.


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                It should be obvious that you move out of the way, but a fair number don't. The amazing ones are those that don't split but block the lane anyway. When splitting most of the concerntration goes to the traffic in front and it can take a while to notice a bike behind, so I'm patient.

                The piss off for me as that if you are splitting and caught behind a slow bike, it cuts off your escape route. I always like to hang back a bit when I come up behind a slow bike so I have an option of where to go if it gets squeezy. Maybe this gives the signal that happy to follow.



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                  agreed, if you can or notice faster bike behind you move over if its safe to or you are not sure. Dont block faster bikes as some people do get pissed of and then sit right on your rear tyre until you move. Generally if you cant move the person behind you doesn't care.

                  Also if you are infront and pulling up to lights, pull a little bit further over the line so both you and rider behind can get a fresh/safe start off the line.

                  Have seen a trail lane split with a cbr929 behind, me behind them. trail takes off ditches it halfy accross the junction, CBR so close behind ditches it as well and i pull up around both and lift cbr of the road.

                  Felt sorry for the guy on the CBR as the trail rider was either out of the depth or trying to show off
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                    here's a move i saw someone do one day that left a lasting impression, to me anyway:

                    'when lane splitter b (moving at approximately 20 kph faster than traffic flow) comes up behind lane splitter 'a' (moving at 0.435kph faster than traffic flow), 'b' waits for a bout 2 kays for 'a' to let him pass, 'b' says to his or herself (hey brownies to me sexually equal!) 'Hmmm', shakes his or her's head in the slightest display of frustration, indicatesright, checks blindspot, moves across right hand lane and into emergency exit lane, pulls up level with 'a, toots horn, gets 'a's' attention, flicks the clutch, pulls a mono, then with 'b's' left hand, does the 'wanker' sign at 'a', after a heroic display of rear wheel prowess, 'b' merges back into traffic when safe!

                    errr back to reality, a nano second glimpse in ya rear view every few seconds or so does not detract from looking ahead, if someone comes up behind, let em past, basically if you are lane splitting at a safe speed (say 20 over traffic flow unless traffic stationary and then maybe 40 kph), anyone who is seriously going faster than you must be a hero so let em past.

                    I find it almost amusing when i get some cool dude on a banged up ol 250 come up behind me at death defying speed in peak hour Mitchell North where no one knows how to drive, i simply move over and watch em go screamin up the road and then have to dive on the brakes n shit themselves when some cager changes lanes, this normally unsettles em enough so they stop splitting and I go toodlin past again...

                    It aint worth getting pissed off about dude, you do whats right for you, worry about that and you'll livelonger and have less grey hairs


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                      The girl knows how to do a search yeah.

                      I'm dragging this thread up and dusting it off because I find it infuriating that some riders show absolutely no consideration of others.

                      Theres me, toddling down the Mitchell this morning (well within said comfort zone) only to have my rhythm completely disrupted by not one, but two riders who didn't have the slightest notion that they should remove themselves from my path.

                      When someone comes up behind you - Move over!

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                        move THE FUCK out of the way.


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                          my 2c

                          splitting the freeway everyday, my rules are (with reference to other splitters)

                          - (general splitting rule NUMBER ONE) If you ever get flustered, annoyed, pissed off, angry, frightened, unsure, etc etc etc then STOP SPLITTING and just take it easy, maybe even get off the freeway.

                          - when starting a split, after checking the cages and sussing out the entry point, do an EXTRA check for a possible other splitter coming up behind me. Cos its is SO unnerving when you are splitting and the bike in front (who is not splitting yet) all of a sudden dives into the split without seeing you.

                          - in the split, check my mirrors for a splitter behind me "when i can", as has been said, most concentration is forward. If i see a splitter behind me, even 8 cars back, then clearly he is splitting faster than I am (as he wasnt there before) so as soon as I see a splitter behind me I look for a place to get out of his way, and make it VERY clear that I have seen him. Once he goes past, I dont try to keep up, just re-evaluate the split and do normal entry point checks and start again.

                          - in the split, if i see another splitter up ahead and I am gaining, then remain patient, it could take a while for him to see me and move over, or he might not. If he moves over, and its clear he did that for me, then I split past and wave/nod. If he doesnt move over, then I'll either just keep back and follow along behind him about 2 cars back so I dont pressure him, or I might look for a way to get to another split one lane over. But usually I just tootle along behind, I am still way ahead of the cage traffic anyhow.

                          The biggest question mark I have is this....
                          you are splitting the freeway and 5 cars ahead you see a cop car. Theoretically I can split past him legally by staying on the side of the line that keeps me on the right of the cars in my lane. But practically that doesnt happen, its usually a better place to be when you are on the right hand side of the line and passing on the left (which is illegal), usually more room there. And in practice yu change from one side to the other from time to time (and may or may not indicate as you do).
                          The question is. do you split past the cop? I usually wimp out and ride like I am in a cage and if/when I get past the cop and am say 7 cars ahead of him, then I split again.
                          I mean they can hardly chase you, but they might radio someone else and take my rego down. Or, do they just not care provided I am not messing up any cages??? What is their tolerance level I wonder?


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                            ^^ WH,H & S S ^^

                            Move over, NOW.

                            That's All.
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                              Theres me, toddling down the Mitchell this morning (well within said comfort zone) only to have my rhythm completely disrupted by not one, but two riders who didn't have the slightest notion that they should remove themselves from my path.
                              That wasn't me was it? (Blue R6 with pillion)
                              There were three of us in file...myself in the middle, a yammy in front with very cool looking ohlins rear ,and ? behind me.
                              I kept checking my mirrors but rider 3 seemed quite happy with the splitting pace (20-30 over traffic pace)