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    Originally posted by TurboR1 View Post
    Verge collection in Claremont/Mosman Park/Nedlands areas are good...

    The cashed up throw out some good stuff... brand new, perfect condition Fussball Table at one time... I guess Mr Little Trustfund was no longer interested in it.
    Agreed, I don't live in those areas but driving through local areas on the way to drop the kids at school i swear the furniture that's being thrown out is better than I had in my first couple of houses. Jeezus the amount of srainless steel barbeques dumped is amazing. Such a waste of money.

    Amongst good scores a working Scott bonner roller mower and a barracuda kreepy krawly with about 10 lengths of hose that worked better than mine !

    Never seen any motorcycle stuff though, Neva a one.
    I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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      Originally posted by Joe Shabadoo View Post
      has the old one got one of these - 5/8" ?

      the blue half? why I do believe it does - either that, or the old one was 1/2 and I had to buy a 5/8 - let me check for you tomorrow


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          welcome to pop over and take the lot - even if you can only salvage the carby etc

          as an ex hoarder I can't throw anything away but if you do come you'll see why I have to draw the line!


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            Originally posted by Para045 View Post
            +1 I used to have one that my father and grandfather bought back in the late 70's/early 80's Had a Kirby Tecumseh motor
            I sourced a Tecumseh replacement - original was a Kirby brand

            I love how the design hasn't changed for 4 decades - if it works.....