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Wanted: Volunteer's for helping with PSB events

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  • Wanted: Volunteer's for helping with PSB events

    As hopefully everyone can see, I am trying to re-invigorate the social atmosphere of PSB by running events, promotions etc, and as part of this, I need help. I need people that have a bit of time and are interested in helping me organise, promote and run these events etc.

    This is a completely voluntary role, and if we get the right people and co-ordinate the work we do it will hopefully mean minimal work (many hands make light work).

    Post up here if you are interested in helping in some form. If you don't want to identify yourself publicly, shoot me a PM.

    If people have any thoughts, suggestions or ideas to help bring back the physical meet & greet style social atmosphere of PSB, don't hesitate to make suggestions.

    PSB is all about being a community within a physical location, and although I have a lot of drive and will to try and keep it operating, I can't do this by myself, as one person doesn't make a community...
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    I'm happy to help, but at the moment I'm in hospital!

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      What do you need?

      A good start would be suggestions coming from those that can follow through with support ie [MENTION=7479]keys[/MENTION] with his safe auction.

      I imagine venues being made available would also help. Are there any skills that would apply, ie mechanical maintenance workshops for newbies that would encourage new members to be involved (cheaper and easier than dyno runs etc) in a meet with a BBQ on the the side for socialisation.
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        Happy to.
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          Keen to help out.
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            Happy to help , just looked up the legal side of running a raffel needs to be no more than $200 overwise to much paper work . bugger


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              happy to help where I can


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                Happy to help
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                  Happy to if i am home


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                    Sign me up, happy to help (when Mrs social calendar doesn't stitch me up).


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                      My hand is still up.


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                        will lend a hand if schedule workable


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                          Happy to help Tim


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                            always happy to lend a hand where i can Tim
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                              just ask?

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