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  • Your Job.

    Do you enjoy it. Do get variety to make it interesting. Do you see interesting jobs that people do.
    I enjoy mine, you never know what next job entails and I see happy when they get a swimming pool , lunch overlooking the ocean,traveling to country to do work.
    Ps. Silly drivers and eye candy.
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    River views
    Even time roster
    Good pay
    Good people
    18 min commute (10 on bike)
    Annual Bonus
    Lunchtime in the summer

    Shift work
    Bad People
    12.5 hour shifts
    Sitting on your arse
    All the Pros have spoiled me


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      i don't think any job would keep me interested and feel any kind of fulfillment, the best part of my day is riding to work then the ride home in the afternoon. everything else in between just feels like slavery haha

      lets all work until we die! wooo!

      i wana be this little guy doing what he wants lol

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        My job does not define me, or so I think. I work in Subiaco, live in Bakers Hill. I do 2.5 hours commute each day.

        I am good at my job, it certainly pays the bills (3 kids and a stay at home wife), always a little bit of money left over for a once a year holiday or toys, as well as booze.

        Do I like my job? Not really, I'm 37 now and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. Always wanted to join the military, I ended up going to Uni got a degree I have never used (science), I spent 4 years working in the mining game after that, spent 3 years working a bar after that, now I work in IT, have done for about 10 years.

        Clients and colleagues like me, I get rewarded/awarded annually with bonuses and annual trips when we hit targets....but I have no passion for it. If anything I find passion in what my customers are doing and get excited about their businesses. NFP's, community sevices, helping organisations either save money, be more efficient, offer better services, whatever it is I try to get on board.

        The wife knows I am absolutely grey when it comes to my job. I am a bit of a generalist, always trying to learn a little bit about everything, be as self sufficient for the simple stuff as I can.

        However the acreage lifestyle out at Bakers makes the commute more than worth it. Kookaburras at sunset, good milky way views on a clear night, can't see my neighbours for the trees, kangaroos, etc etc. I am devoted to the kids (all girls) and always impress on them to follow their dreams, however Dad got stuck in providing a roof over heads/career job and never worked out what his passion was, other than bikes, trees, booze, friends, partying, general good times. If I could combine that with a village lifestyle I think I would be happy.
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          I used to love my job when I had one

          Do I miss it, most days, but I battle through


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            Occupation: Airfield lighting sparky

            Decent money
            Good people
            Travel to different parts of Australia

            Away from home a lot (though I'm single with no kids)
            If it's hot or wet you're gonna have a bad time.
            Can be repetitive.


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              Fuck no, for 12 mths have been doing the same repetitious job battling the same battles every day. But i get paid paid each week and after the last few years thats enough (barely) right now.

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                love my job , bugger it i will take the rest of the day off , thanks boss


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                  Originally posted by Thomas Peel View Post
                  Do you enjoy it..
                  Tricky question. I can only hope so.

                  Only started 2 days ago


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                    Love my Job. Love all the people I work with.

                    Everybody is always happy and willing to help out with anything that needs doing.

                    My Boss is Fucking Awesome.
                    What You See

                    Isn't always what you get


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                      Love my job. Unfortunately my executive manager has been promoted to their highest level of incompetency.


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                        Have had some awesome jobs in my time.

                        13 years in the RAAF. Absolutley brilliant, until they killed my trade group, stole 6 years seniority from me, and then nuked my Superannuation. But some friendships have been the best, and memories that can never be forgotten. Priceless. High point? Getting 3 hrs in a F/A 18 with now CDF Mark Binskin. Simply brilliant. Low point? Leaving.

                        11 years FIFO (Project Management). Tough, hard, and at times very lonely. Saw some awesome parts of Australia, made some great friends, but got out when I knew I had no more to give. High point? The emotion that overcame me saying good bye to my teams. The low point? Flying in to a new assignment, getting off the plane, to receive an SMS advising that my brother had passed away and unable to leave site (no flights & the buck stopped with me).

                        Several truck driving jobs in Perth. Good to spend time on my own, but dealing with knuckleheads on Perth roads. No high points (except getting paid, and handing in my notice). Low point? Up at 2.30am M-F. Fuck that.

                        Current job: Probably the best job of my life, totally unexpected and never thought I would finish up in this role. But, I now find my self working for a company that does care about their employees, a fantastic team environment, an opportunity to actually listen to clients talk about their 'passion' and when I log off at 6pm, that's it, no reports, no budgets, no early morning starts, no working in -18C freezers, probably the best job of my life.
                        And we're hiring.......PM me for details if you're looking for a customer service/sales role with a difference.
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                          Electrician for 30 years. Had enough about 18 months ago after 6 years in the Pilbara. (That was the high point). Low point, realising most of the new tradespersons coming through are brain dead mouth breathing fucktards with absolutely no interest or understanding of their trade. Time to get out.
                          Started a new job late last year where I ride to work, spend 2 or 3 hours indoors then out and about on a bike for another 6 hours. Then ride home. Great people to work with and if you like riding, this is the job...
                          And, as per above, currently hiring too.

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                            Originally posted by TROUBLE View Post
                            Love my Job. Love all the people I work with.

                            Everybody is always happy and willing to help out with anything that needs doing.

                            My Boss is Fucking Awesome.
                            You've bloody well missed your drug screen test again haven't you! 😀
                            You can't *burrrp* can't just post, just post anything you feel like morty, you just *burrp* just end up *burrp* end up hurting people's feelings morty I mean how, how would you like it if I said things that offended you morty?


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                              What You See

                              Isn't always what you get