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    Originally posted by INTJ View Post
    A Novated Lease was brought up as an option for me a while back. Saved a few dollars on tax but overall seemed like a dumb idea.

    I say dumb in that it was calculated as a 'good deal' based upon parameters and if those parameters were not met, it might not be a good deal. It also essentially encourages you to buy a newer and more expensive car than you otherwise would have need for, since it's such a 'great opportunity' and the more you spend, the more you 'save'. I think on the $60k or $70k I was on at the time, it might have saved me maybe $2k vs if I bought the car outright and paid for my own fuel if I drove like a motherfucker every day and went on road trips on the weekend and only filled up at BP or whatever the parameters were.

    But good for you if it all works out! Could be a sweet deal
    Yeah everyone's circumstances differ, I was looking at it as I was due for a newer vehicle and the lease payments, servicing, fuel, tyres, maintenance etc etc are all taken out of pre tax $ to lower your taxable income but we ended up getting an investment property and did much the same thing so didn't go through with it
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    Originally posted by Phildo
    Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
    Originally posted by filbert
    i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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      shame you can't salary package bikes


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        Originally posted by dwillia View Post
        shame you can't salary package bikes
        It's racism it is.
        *shakes fist*
        Originally posted by Desmo
        Why be a cunt about it?


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          Sorry for the delay.

          I was more wondering what is a proper amount of fleet discount. Would I get more discount by going to a dealer, or just let the fleet company do it.
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            In my experience, and I've been through this, the leasing company will do better for you, generally. But you will need to have a specific list in the order of exact model, colour, options fitted.
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