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Bought a Lemon Jeep Wrangler - Anyone knows a good lawyer/law-firm?

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  • Bought a Lemon Jeep Wrangler - Anyone knows a good lawyer/law-firm?

    Hey everyone,


    **I understand that some people may love their Jeeps:
    **Some may have bought a Jeep and never had any issue... but when you do buy a lemon Jeep, these bastards are the worst company to deal with!!

    I'm at the final stage where I have to get a legal help and go to court. All the other options are exhausted!
    Anyone here may have either gone through similar issues and can recommend a good lawyer, or do know a good lawyer that could help.


    Shortened version of the back story:

    I bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler Sports 2 Door in 2017 ($39,600+).
    I had the first engine miss fire 3 weeks after the purchase date.
    I had further 6 engine misfires
    In grand total, the Jeep spent close to 8 months in the dealership for mechanical checks/repairs
    After the last occurrence of the same identical fault, I refused to pick up the jeep from dealership.

    Last 5 months I have been keep paying the Jeeps car loan, registration, insurance and I have no car!!
    (Fiat Chrysler Australia - who owns the jeep) refusing the refund or replace the Jeep.

    The dealership I bought the car from is John Hughes.
    I have to give him what's due, after the third occurrence of the same fault, he contacted FCA on my behalf and was turned down.
    Ever since, he's been supporting my case however, ultimately this needs to be resolved from FCA side.
    This last occurrence, he even bluntly forewarned FCA of a class action; it seems I'm not the only one but in my case seems the worst one.

    ACCC WA was even more blunt, they advised that what FCA is doing breaches the ACCC guidelines but FCA still wont budge.

    Since Australia don't have Lemon-Cars law, there is nothing legally binding them to the ACCC guidelines.

    Next step is lawyers and go to court.

    I have already contacted Aston Wood and even John Cadogan from Autoexpert.
    This is now, me against a big corporation with deep pockets.

    So if anyone knows any good lawyer/law-firms, I'd appreciate some contact details.
    This'll save me sifting through all the commercial lawyers in WA

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    You bought a Jeep?

    Sorry, couldn't help it.
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      Have you tried DOCEP?


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        My brother was going to buy one. I told him three stories and he bought a cheap Suzuki instead and has not looked back.

        One of the stories is about brand new Jeeps that were still at the dealers.

        Good luck.
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          Originally posted by peter600 View Post
          This. Why are you thinking of spending a cent on lawyers? The remedy is the dealer's responsibility under our law.
          The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.


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            Agree, DOCEP is certainly your best option. Getting good lawyers will cost you more than the jeep.
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              DOECEP would not help when my vehicle was licensed for business. That is one limitation to getting help from them.


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                hahaha, a misfire! if you think that's an issue, you just wait till you find what your jeep has planned for you

                just imagine all the important 'go' and 'stop' and 'turn' parts that make the car up.
                each of these may be like 300, 500, or so to replace, enough to hurt a bit, but not enough to abandon the car
                finally imagine every single one of these bits randomly breaking and requiring replacement once out of warranty (or in some way not covered)

                just empty every pocket.

                on a positive note, i never experienced any issues like leaks with the car staying stationary, so you could live in it on the side of road whilst saving money for the next repair?
                except the door locks sometimes don't work manually... so if it catches fire (a possibility) you'll probably die


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                  Maybe give Today Tonight/A Current Affair a call, I hear they get good results by hassling guilty parties while running down the footpath
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                    time for another destroy a jeep campaign?

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                      everyone knows Americans are no good at making cars especially jeep. there has been many documented & highly publicised problems from owners.

                      the best jeep to buy is a toyota FJ


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                        Have you tried contacting Jeep direct. I have often heard and once experienced that most Australian subsideries do not give a fuck about this sort of thing. A threat to directly contact Jeep in the USA may get some action.
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                          I actually thought we did have lemon laws but I guess not in WA (after a quick google)...

                          But on another note, my brother had a similar issue with an Audi and luckily for him he had a very good working relationship with the legal department at the insurance company he worked for and they drafted up a lot of his threats/demands before he sent them to the dealership and Audi etc. Even with the expertise of a large insurance companies legal department behind him, it took about 1 year to get restitution.

                          I guess one suggestion could be, if the dealership and/or Jeep think there's no fault in the car, trade it in for something else and take a bit of a hit.


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                            I already thought that everyone knew not to buy a Jeep.

                            That’s like motoring basics 101.
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                              that all being said they are big sellers in the states & after market parts sellers are making squillions, like Dennis at Black mountain we've all seen gas monkey that guy is loaded lol

                              it must be the way they map the wrangler for overseas or something, you watch some of the 4x4 stuff in the states & on some of the more extreme trails they say the wrangler or the toyota FJ are the only 2 cars you could take stock & make it

                              i would just take it to a ECU tuner get it sorted & send Jeep OZ the bill