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Bought a Lemon Jeep Wrangler - Anyone knows a good lawyer/law-firm?

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    Originally posted by Joe Shabadoo View Post
    hahaha, a misfire! if you think that's an issue, you just wait till you find what your jeep has planned for you

    just imagine all the important 'go' and 'stop' and 'turn' parts that make the car up.
    each of these may be like 300, 500, or so to replace, enough to hurt a bit, but not enough to abandon the car
    finally imagine every single one of these bits randomly breaking and requiring replacement once out of warranty (or in some way not covered)

    just empty every pocket.

    on a positive note, i never experienced any issues like leaks with the car staying stationary, so you could live in it on the side of road whilst saving money for the next repair?
    except the door locks sometimes don't work manually... so if it catches fire (a possibility) you'll probably die
    Especially if you fit a supercharger...?


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      Nah only fitted that .. About 10k work, after sinking 70k (the cost of the car) into repairing all the fucked stuff


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        Just insure it and go off road, with the cost of Jeep repairs just about any mishap is a write off.


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          Originally posted by Joe Shabadoo View Post
          Nah only fitted that .. About 10k work, after sinking 70k (the cost of the car) into repairing all the fucked stuff
          And I always considered you a smart man (if disagreeable ) - ahh well, we all have our vices and failings


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            Park it in Mirabooka and leave the windows down with 10L jerry can inside next to a road flare. Just let nature take it's course.
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              They aren’t lemons!
              They are just misunderstood.


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                You're fucked, basically. Furtunately Wranglers retain a bit of resale so trade it in on another brand.

                Your mistake is assuming that FCA would willingly pay you a single cent. Trade in on a new car will be cheaper in the long run than any legal action you take.

                Cut your losses and move on.
                Originally posted by Desmo
                Why be a cunt about it?


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                  I would have thought it to be unfit for the purpose it was sold for....but I can be fuck it!... dumb
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                    Originally posted by BusaSteve View Post
                    I would have thought it to be unfit for the purpose it was sold for....but I can be fuck it!... dumb
                    You're right of course. The problem is your recourse, when what you purchase is "not fit for purpose", is to the person who sold you the product. Not the manufacturer, who is only responsible for safety recalls.

                    Which may be why the dealer is "supporting" the buyer.
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                      Originally posted by hasanito View Post
                      Hey everyone,

                      FIRST; DON'T EVER BUY JEEP...!!

                      **I understand that some people may love their Jeeps:
                      **Some may have bought a Jeep and never had any issue... but when you do buy a lemon Jeep, these bastards are the worst company to deal with!!

                      I'm at the final stage where I have to get a legal help and go to court. All the other options are exhausted!
                      Anyone here may have either gone through similar issues and can recommend a good lawyer, or do know a good lawyer that could help.


                      Shortened version of the back story:

                      I bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler Sports 2 Door in 2017 ($39,600+).
                      I had the first engine miss fire 3 weeks after the purchase date.
                      I had further 6 engine misfires
                      In grand total, the Jeep spent close to 8 months in the dealership for mechanical checks/repairs
                      After the last occurrence of the same identical fault, I refused to pick up the jeep from dealership.

                      Last 5 months I have been keep paying the Jeeps car loan, registration, insurance and I have no car!!
                      (Fiat Chrysler Australia - who owns the jeep) refusing the refund or replace the Jeep.

                      The dealership I bought the car from is John Hughes.
                      I have to give him what's due, after the third occurrence of the same fault, he contacted FCA on my behalf and was turned down.
                      Ever since, he's been supporting my case however, ultimately this needs to be resolved from FCA side.
                      This last occurrence, he even bluntly forewarned FCA of a class action; it seems I'm not the only one but in my case seems the worst one.

                      ACCC WA was even more blunt, they advised that what FCA is doing breaches the ACCC guidelines but FCA still wont budge.

                      Since Australia don't have Lemon-Cars law, there is nothing legally binding them to the ACCC guidelines.

                      Next step is lawyers and go to court.

                      I have already contacted Aston Wood and even John Cadogan from Autoexpert.
                      This is now, me against a big corporation with deep pockets.

                      So if anyone knows any good lawyer/law-firms, I'd appreciate some contact details.
                      This'll save me sifting through all the commercial lawyers in WA

                      Your claim, really could potentially be with the dealer rather than manufacturer - regardless of how nice and supportive they are..

                      Dept of commerce is your next step for lodging a complaint but the usual FB complaints, contacting a third party like choice can also help. It's a major fault if you would not have bought the car if not for the full extent of the fault being known ad the ACCC gives a few pathways to entitle you to a remedy by a replacement or refund under consumer guarantee.

                      If the vehicle is substantially unfit for purpose ie misfiring, and cannot be made fit in a reasonable timeframe - ie the months taken thus far - then you can choose to reject and choose to have a refund/replacement from whoever supplied the vehicle

                      There's a commercial lawyer I'd recommend but I'd explore getting support for a cost free remedy first..
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                        this jeep owner thought tinting his/her windscreen was the thing to do lol


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                          that's about as retarded as the bloke I saw once spraying CRC on his brakes cops they were making a noise


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                            Its a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand


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                              Originally posted by Hillz View Post

                              this jeep owner thought tinting his/her windscreen was the thing to do lol
                              I can't say I blame them, easier to hide the shame in your dead regretful eyes if no one can see it's you driving a Jeep.
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                                “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa