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Bought a Lemon Jeep Wrangler - Anyone knows a good lawyer/law-firm?

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    Originally posted by Jaw View Post
    Your claim, really could potentially be with the dealer rather than manufacturer - regardless of how nice and supportive they are..

    Dept of commerce is your next step for lodging a complaint but the usual FB complaints, contacting a third party like choice can also help. It's a major fault if you would not have bought the car if not for the full extent of the fault being known ad the ACCC gives a few pathways to entitle you to a remedy by a replacement or refund under consumer guarantee.

    If the vehicle is substantially unfit for purpose ie misfiring, and cannot be made fit in a reasonable timeframe - ie the months taken thus far - then you can choose to reject and choose to have a refund/replacement from whoever supplied the vehicle

    There's a commercial lawyer I'd recommend but I'd explore getting support for a cost free remedy first..
    +1, the dealer is the legal entity who sold you the car not FCA, your sales contract is with them its the dealer who must remedy the issue, and it does sound like they have been attempting to, kinda, hopefully they are looking after you with a loaner or something like that. As mentioned you could try and say that as a new car the vehicle is not fit for purpose through unreliability or dangerous. Also leaving the car parked there I dont think is helping, thats more a problem for you than them :-)
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      It was too much to handle so after the jeep engine misfired 6th time, I refused to pick the jeep back from the dealership and for 6 months just put my head in the sand and pretended it never happened!

      After repeated calls from the John Hughes dealership to come and pick the jeep up, I managed to arrange a face to face talk with the John Hughes himself.
      He is as down to earth and unassuming as they say and sounded very genuine. Although I wasn’t that impressed when he seemed to claim I was over estimating my issues with the Jeep, his manner and how keenly listened my concerns, makes you warm up to him instantly.

      He offered to buy the Jeep back from me at the *resale value* and let me choose any vehicle from his yard at the *cost* value, **only** if I take the jeep back and if the fault reoccurs again. There was nothing written but he seemed genuine and that I could rely on his word.

      Two weeks later and after some deliberation, I pick the jeep from John Hughes. Two days later, I was stuck near Bakers Hill on a highway with another engine misfire and had to call the Jeep 24 hour road side assistance and towed the jeep back to John Hughes service center. The time wasted waiting for road side assistance, then waiting for the towing truck, then waiting at the dealership then not getting a rental replacement car (long story!!) was excruciating.

      That was a week ago. The mechanics at JH said the engine had multiple engine misfires and some other electrical faults, registered on the engine computer.

      Time to wait, see where this will lead to!!


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        Sounds like progress but again I wouldn't be accepting ANY loss as a result of buying this jeep. You bought the car and wouldn't have if the defect was known therefore it fails the test.

        Great that the big man came down for a chat and that, but he's a car dealer and is trying to come out of the deal with the best financial position for them at the end of the day. Nothing wrong with that if you're happy to accept, but you shouldn't be accepting a loss in any way.


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          this might be of some help :


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            Bloke at my work went through the same drama on a second hand Jeep - took it to an injection specialist and after 2 years of constant issues BOOM fixed with replacement injectors and coil packs.


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              i would be contacting John Cadogan lol what have you got to lose or dept of consumer affairs as WA has fit for purpose laws


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                From my understanding the consumer laws in Australia state you have a right to a certain expectation of faultless performance even after the statuary warrenty period has lapsed. If a problem persists you are entitled to a full refund or a replacement....although in the case of a Jeep why would you accept the latter. This is legislated law and dealers and manufacturers cannot refuse.

                The ACCC is looking into Mazda who have pulled a similar stunt with multiple owners ....basically refusing to follow the law and thus are being taken to court by the ACCC this year. These laws have been in since 2011 so would cover the OP's lump of shit jeep.
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