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  • Hostel - a review

    **spoilers ahead**

    Downloaded it, watched it, deleted it.

    Worst film Quentin Tarantino's had his name attached to - in this case as executive producer.

    3 stupid american (is that a tautology?) stoner backpackers, follow their dicks from Amsterdam to Bratislava chasing sex & pot, and wind up getting hacked to bits.

    Plenty of dismemberment via knife, bolt cutters, and chainsaw - even found myself turning away at times, pretty realistic looking torture scenes. The slashed achilles tendons made me wince. Blood & gore aplenty. Acting was reasonable. Lead role was played by the guy who played the young version of Harry in Dumb & Dumber-er, which is weird cos I just watched that movie a coupla nights before.

    I like horror movies, but this really didn't do much for me. Director seems to think more blood makes a better horror. Looked to me like they were just trying too hard in that area.
    Looking on the net I see a sequel is planned for release next year, this time a group of girls. I'll give it a chance, but my expectations aren't high.

    Good to see Americans venturing beyond their own shores.


    Hostel 2

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    I didn't watch it to the end. Rubbish IMO.
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      I dunno what you're on about, I thought it was friggin hilarious.


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        I thought the movie was one of the Best ive seen actually. It left a very lasting impression with me the following day and thats what I base my movie review on.
        I saw it at the movies which I think deserves the big screen. If you didnt watch it on the big screen with surround sound, then yeah, I can see that you would have missed out on a lot of the effects.
        My 2c


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          I agree the effects were top notch, and I'm sure seeing on the big screen would've been creepy as hell. But I thought the ending was very flat - the hero gets his revenge by killing the baddie in a train station toilet. Roll credits. All that build up to a 10 second murder scene. I can pick out bits & pieces I liked about it, but overall, disappointing I thought. Didn't really get to the point til an hour or so in.

          I'm always the first to defend good audio/visual movies with a crap story (eg star wars ep 1, Torque....) by saying if you want a good story go read a book, movies are a visual & audio artform. So I'll throw that advice at myself here, and bite my tongue about the story. I DID like the look of it, and I thought it was well directed, but it seemed to me something like a child's take on what a horror should be - lots of blood, guts, screaming, and more blood. With cold ruthless villains getting off on torture. Without much explanation into why all this was happening.

          just for those that don't know.... the window shopping for prostitutes near the start.... that's actually how it is. I've ventured through that district of Amsterdam myself on foot, and it really is that fkn seedy.

          If you liked it, good. Not trying to sway anyone here. just my 2c. My favourite movie is Weekend at Bernie's so who the hell am I to comment??


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            It was definately an interesting movie to say the least, I thought the start was a little slow, didn't quite know what I had picked up at the vid shop, so when there was lots of sex etc Im like... oookay.. I rented a porno... uh... cool.... lol
            Then it got into the good stuff (I did read that there was blood and 'horror' or whatever they listed it as), to me it wasnt so much of a horror, more like "OMG DID U SEE THAT!".

            It was VERY graphic to say the least, even made me feel a little odd at points, and I LOVE my horror/gore movies, definately not for the faint hearted, I thought it was an interesting watch nevertheless, wouldn't rate it as the best movie I've ever seen or anything, but not TOO bad (and a little predictable at times I must say).

            over all I give it a

            3.5-4 outta 5


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              I thought it was decent.

              One of the few movies I've watched recently that made me cringe.

              Nice eye-candy as well...
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