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  • What are you listening to ..?

    Okay, I did a quick search, didn't see this up, so hopefully it's not on here already!!

    What music/song/noise are you currently listening to ?

    Okay first up, my currently playing song is...

    She Wants to Move - (DFA Remix) The Fast and the Furious (Tokyo Drift Soundtrack)

    (come on pplz, this is a good way to find new songs lol!)

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    Sonata Number 1 in F Major, Op 8 -- Edvard Grieg.


    • #3
      Aalto - 5

      it makes me happy


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        The Fast and the Furious (Tokyo Drift Soundtrack)
        how fucking awful was that movie... even Caleb from American Gothic couldnt save it...


        excellent song

        and stuff


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          Haha Jason, I watch it for the cars, drifting and this one because it was based in Japan etc, I thought it was better than the previous two at least lol.

          Larc en ciel - Dive To Blue


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            also a drift fan and fan of imports.... however that movie made me want to burn my projector and riot in the lounge room...


            and stuff


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              hmmm interesting topic and forever changing...

              atm im listing to Through Struggle by As I Lay Dying

              still havent seen that movie... but want to for the cars
              i drifted my mothers car the other day... by accident but it was still cool... and scary



              • #8
                Xavier Rudd - Food in the belly
                Ben Harper - Live from Mars
                Oasis - Don't Believe the Truth
                Gomez - How we operate
                2pac - better dayz
                MOS - chillout 06

                random playlists 4 lyfe dwag


                • #9
                  Stand Up - DMB
                  Cafe del Mar - Volume 7
                  Confession from the Dancefloor - Madonna
                  Curious Georege - Jack Johnson


                  • #10
                    Tatu - Gomenasai
                    Rammstein & Tatu - Moskau


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                      Mirkz i should hit u in the face lol

                      Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple (freakin hilarious!)
                      Lyrics Born - Pack Up
                      Regurgitator - Black Bugs
                      ...stupid expensive singapore, with its stupid road tolls, and stupid petrol prices, make me take stupid public transport


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                        hey ! tatu are cool, 1 very hot and 1 so so lesbian singers.. Im fine with that !
                        would definately goto one of their concerts if they ever came over!

                        I don't mind most of their music either, but I have a bit of a vast taste in music (like a bit of everything really!)
                        so no big deal!

                        Im listening to crickets from outside and computer hum...
                        I will probably goto bed shortly, gotta work tomorrow, not looking forward to it... time is coming near, so tempted to throw it in so I force myself to look for other jobs!

                        South - Paint the Silence


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                          haha thats alright i'll forgive u.

                          I don't know about the lesbian angle tho, remeber eurovision?? hmmm? lol

                          Lyrics born - I'm just raw

                          P.S. Eurovision is the greatest competition on earth!
                          ...stupid expensive singapore, with its stupid road tolls, and stupid petrol prices, make me take stupid public transport


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                            Here's some tracks I have in high rotation at the moment.
                            Download/Purchase these ones kids...

                            Everything you touch - Ladytron
                            Winning Days - The Vines
                            No Wow - The Kills
                            Roads - Portishead
                            Little Sister - Queens of the Stoneage

                            Spiral out, keep going...


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                              Couple of CDs I picked up this weekend:

                              Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
                              Feeder - Pushing the Senses
                              Adventure before Dementia