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  • DVD editing & rippage

    Hey all,

    Does anybody know of a decent prog for DVD editing?
    eg. Want to rip a disc but only want certain tracks from the disc. The problem here is that all the tracks are joined in one big VOB file
    eg2. To rip a certain portions of scenes out of DVDs and then make your own compilation??

    So basically I am after a prog that can splice what portions I want out of a DVD track... anybody?

    cheers for any help you can give

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    I use DVDdecrypter... i think it will cater for just about ne of ur needs
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      Cheers Smoke, but I have been using that and can't seem to splice tiny portions that I want to keep out, or remove etc.


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        TRY DVDSTRIPPER.................................


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          Here is what I do.

          Rip the particular vob file from the DVD to your hdd using claddvd, easyripper, or any utility.

          Then use FlaskMpeg to rip little portions. FlaskMpeg is what I have been using for ages and I trust it, so I just stick to it, haven't looked into the newer stuff.

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