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hidden purpose in web site... (Not Work safe)

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  • hidden purpose in web site... (Not Work safe)

    Saw this link on another forum,

    Click on 'Focus' then click on the (barely visible) 'sOe' on the top banner.

    Hmm... Interesting reading
    Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things

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    Brilliant, absolutly fucking brilliant!!!!!


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      yeah saw that the other nite ...

      very good
      Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

      Some say he only showers on even days of the week

      Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

      All we know is he's Hewie.


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        good one. How come the bosses haven't noticed it yet? lolololol with the amount of hits the website has reached ia m sure the bosses think that they have done well..... in the mean time... hahaha


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          Investment and share index seems to be right way to go!!!!


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              just went through my stats and saw you as a referer - thanks for liking my little baby! As you can guess, i`m the guy who designed the financepage - and i`m somehow honored that a bike forum mentions it - at the end, i live on the Isle of Man and watch the TT races every year...

              Well, have fun on the site, will try to keep it updated and alive ...



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                welcome amadeus, glad to see someone from so far away.....


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                  Welcome amadeus....nice baby you got there.... smart finking buddy


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                    thanks ! the site get`s loads of visitors at the mo - bandwidth through the roof (total over 500.000 accesses and counting...)

                    It`s designed so your boss or IT doesn`t know and haven`t heard of anyone saying he was caught yet so seems to work...

                    Anyone ever been here ? Isle of Man i mean... is the site for the races (has videoclips as well) - worth watching ! I`m acually looking at a new house today which overlooks the track (well, street..) - s`gonna be great: Watch bikes flying pastfrom your garden with a beer in your hand...


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                      Never have but would love to go to the best road race going around, your a lucky man. Have got a few dvds on the race, awesome.... luv watching Joey on the SP1... damn. :cry:


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                        you bet it is - can`t imagine how awesome it looks to see them doing 140 through town along stone walls - probably take that house - it`s at the bottom of bary hill for the insiders - one of the fastest parts in town - see my smile !!!


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                          Great work Amadeus, I'm proud of you. + good luck with the house, ya jammy bastard.


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                            yo amadeus... maybe we can come and stay at ur palce for a while ??

                            muchos jealous :twisted:


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                              haven`t taken it yet - still arguing about the price but if he goes down, i will - it`s kind os a flat above a shop, so no neighbours (good...)
                              found some pics - none of the house itself but where it is:

                              that`s where they come down the hill:


                              and that`s where they go back up again on the other side:


                              There`s some guys in orange jackets standing in the background on the right and that`s where the house is - as far as i can see..

                              If you bring your own sleeping bag, no problem to stay here - I take race week off every year as work just ain`t gonna happen in that time...