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Box Deli - Hay Street West (Next to 78 Records)

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  • Box Deli - Hay Street West (Next to 78 Records)

    Hey guys please see below.

    I have just started working for this place as a bar chick/promotions so come down and have a drink. Just email me to see if im working. Also the attachment is a membership to get 20% off the drinks below.

    Welcome to the BOX CLUB...

    If you would like to be kept in touch with all the latest offerings from BOX

    Simply fill in the registration form with your details.
    BOX CLUB members recieve a membership card which entitles them to recieve 20% off CROWN LAGER, CAPE MENTELLE WINES and REDBANK CHAMPAGNE

    All the latest parties and product launch information will be available to you first!

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    hey k
    a friend of mine lives in the apartments upstairs and we frequently drink there, so i guess ill see you there sometime its a cool place, could do with the 20% though


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      wicked - see you there


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        I seem to be having a problem with the application form page Krissy. I filled it all out and clicked the button... but no email has come thru.
        If you can... you MUST!


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          I have just registered also and I got the email straight away. Try again and make sure you include your mobie :o)


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            Never been there, should go one day...

            what do you look like krissy? Will say hello if I come in...don't think there will be just one chick working there

            also tell your boss to include coronas in the 20% off.
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              Ha Ha BOX CLUB (snorts) ha ha (snorts) look Marm they named a club after me ha ha (snorts) BOX CLUB ha ha.......
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                Ahh.....hmmmm yeah box it was made especially for you.....

                Azza Well they actually only have two girls working there. Me and my friend. My friend is a Brunette with blonde streaks and Im blonde. Im working this thurs night for traing and not sure when after that.

                Deffinently not next week cos Im off to Adelaide for the Clipsal 500!! WOO HOO


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                  Been to Box several times, it's pretty funky. I walked into the toilets and thought I had stumbled into a 5 star hotel penthouse suite bathroom. The flowers in the vase in the dunnies is a touch of class :shock:

                  Anyway, I spoke to the DJ, he said friday and saturday nights are the nights.. is there any other good nights to be there kris? .. You know, weekends are a busy time
                  mmmmm sacrilicious


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                    No I would not have a clue yet. My first night it tomorrow :oops:


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                      Hey I've been past a few times and was confused but it's flashyness!

                      *wanders back to his local in boardies n pluggers*


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                        Re: Box Deli - Hay Street West (Next to 78 Records)

                        I work in West Perth so I'll cya there.

                        Do they have bike parking?

                        P.S I agree with Azza, get the boss to make to 20% off Corona's or something else nice like a Heineken. Crown is over hyped imho.
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                          NO NO there is no parking right outside the joint.

                          *soup nazi voice* NO PARK FOR YOU

                          just cause I park outside that place everyday for work 8) I will come in a say gday tomorrow night Krissy
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                            hahhaahhaah Ace is ganna flip... he parks his bike right next to the place...

                            Ace we should make trip down there after work...

                            Good luck with new job!!!

                            we might come down with office ppl soon...


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                              Sounds good. Ill make you some strong cocktails or shakers.. Well as soon as I know how to... How about I make a whatever?? Im sure it will get you trashed