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  • Originally posted by Geeman View Post
    He was more interested in telling me how bad music was in the 80's, so guess whose getting hit with a Black Flag marathon in the car today
    Chuck some Slayer on that will fix it aswell.


    • Watching a French movie called Burn Out on Netflix, it's a motorcycle based movie so my expectations are quite low. But it has some good bike footage in it , and the opening scene has a Ducati breaking down in a race so some of it is really well researched.

      But being a French movie, the continuity is all shot to shit. They use Ducati's for most of the bike scenes, sadly some of their race bikes still have side stands, and to get the scenes looking the way they want they mirror image it so there's a bunch of Ducati 959 Panagales with the exhaust on the wrong side of the bike.

      It is a bit of an advert for Ducati and IPONE though.

      But the story is about a motorcycle racer that wants to go pro but his girlfriend owes some drug mobsters and he ends up running drugs and money for them on the bike to pay off her debt. Watchable and more believable than anything ever to come out of the USA.
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      • Originally posted by TurboR1 View Post
        Just started watching Love, Death +Robots. A totally computer generated show. Looks impressive!

        Edit: it's a series of shorts which aren't interconnected. Pretty cool

        Double edit: some of them are pretty dark.
        Gave a few of these a go last night. Considering Steven King/Brian Lumley and Sci-fi are my go to genres this was just like reading any one of my short stories compilations taking up space on my bookshelf

        Sonnies Edge - fucking great
        Three Robots - worth watching, lightest and funniest of the lot
        The Witness - meh
        Suits - worth watching, well written
        Sucker of Souls - not bad
        Yoghurt - nope
        Aquila - Pretty good sci-fi for a hentai cartoon
        Good hunting - meh
        The Dump - named appropriately
        Shape Shifters - up there with Sonnies edge as my favourite so far
        Helping Hand - twisted story but great
        Ice Age - light and fluffy but I liked it, original idea
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        • Originally posted by Rhino View Post

          Horner: We’re not taking Renault engines

          Abiteboul: *obviously pissed off*

          Daniel moves to Reanault

          Horner: You got enough money for your team after paying your driver?

          Abiteboul: So, now you need an engine AND a driver?

          Horner: *obviously pissed off*

          Pretty great.
          I think i'm intelligent enough to know what selective editing is, but damn there must have been some serious money being thrown around for Force India to pick Perez over Ocon!! Perez acted like a spoilt vindictive turd and cost the team plenty of points yet still got the seat.
          Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.

          "The feelings mutual so kindly fuck off"


          • They're all petulant little fucks... and they're getting younger.

            Not sure how that is going to work out.


            • Originally posted by marras View Post
              Chuck some Slayer on that will fix it aswell.
              Follow up with this:

              Tori wasn't happy with this mix. Looks like she's given up trying to kill it on youtube after years of trying.

              According to science, Death metal is good for you. It soothes the soul:


              and on topic...

              I watched the Netflix movie The Dirt. I liked the way the characters would seamlessly insert contemporary commentary during scenes of mayhem. Motley Crue were a bit 'pop' for me back in the day but bloody hell, how did they survive all that!
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              • Yep...


                • Black Summer. Woefully bad.

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                  Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.

                  "The feelings mutual so kindly fuck off"


                  • Warrior - hong kong kung fu good


                    • Gervais' 'After Life' is fucking great.

                      Chris Lilley's 'Lunatics' worth a watch.
                      Originally posted by Abuse this
                      Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


                      • Better call Saul season 6 is available.
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