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best firewall..... hardwall or software

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  • best firewall..... hardwall or software

    to all who know this let the debate begin

    i have been told using another hard drive to create a hardwall is best
    but also told just buy norton firewall

    am so confused HEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks in advance
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    Here's something for u
    If you can... you MUST!


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      First rule: Anything norton -- forget it. Ghost is about all that's worth it, and only just. Norton sells because there is good markup and its in a bright yellow box, not because its a good product.

      I assume that you're wanting a firewall because you're getting ADSL? Who are you connecting with? What hardware have your got/ordered?

      If you can tell me that, then i can tell you want you should do


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        going with west net
        will give you a call today
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          Something like this fella should do the trick

          Westnet provide port blocking on a number of the commonly attacked ports (this can be turned off if you need one of the ports for something). This little router should be enough to keep most people out.

          If you have anything really really secret then I'd suggest something better, but if its just a home PC then you should be ok.


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            ill put my recomendation in for mcafee firewall. it comes in a pretty red box so has to be good.

            but then again i have a 98 gold edition Norton still in the sealed box if anyone wants it for historicle value only.


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              I think you got the werds messed up, by your quote "using another hard drive to create a hardwall is best" you must mean using a hardware firewall, against a software firewall.

              Hardware firewall, maybe your adsl/router/firewall all-in-one thing, or you can just get a single bit of hardware that's a router/firewall device, or you could stick a linux box / firewall between your network/system, ask Bigbird!

              Software firewall, yeah read above like what the other dudes said, Norton/McAfee software that you install and run on your computer you can setup to block things.


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                Set yourself a goal and achieve what most nerds have... a linux box between your ADSL modem and your LAN. You only need an old PC (ie P233 or better) and it is by far the most powerful & flexible solution and it opens up many other possibilites -but if you don't know how to use Linux there's a bit of a learning curve.



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                  awww doorman so that notron 5420 Gateway i just brought was a waste of money


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                    Hi Craig,

                    Router with wireless access point:


                    You can plug in PCs or you can use the wireless if you get wireless cards for your latop and PCs.

                    For laptop (if it doesn't already have one):


                    For PCs:


                    When its all activated westnet will give you a call. They will usually help you set it up over the phone, if you run in to dramas give me a call and i should be able to help.

                    Subdued: I haven't played with their hardware range... in fact you're the only person I know that's bought one! I just don't bother with Norton, they're more interested in flogging boxes than selling quality stuff.