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  • y2k

    might be old news to most, and even a little niave of me but i just stumbled upon an article on the y2k superbike.. Here i was thinking it was just a "Torque" ringin, but with a money back guarantee if ur machine doesnt do 400km/hr and a pricetag of $237 000, whos up for a testride? bearing in mind itl only do 32k's on a tank of fuel :twisted:
    "Did you ever blow bubbles as a kid? Well he's back in town and wants your number"

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    Hey Smoke.

    Yeah that's been around for a year or so now.

    But I'd LOVE to take that thing for a fang.....but dunno where..... :evil:

    It's butt-farkin' ugly, but who cares.

    Click on their logo in the top right to listen to the turbine. :twisted:


    Engine: Rolls Royce Allison 250 gas turbine

    Power: 320 HP @52,000 rpm (286 HP @ rear wheel)

    Output RPM: 6,000 rpm

    Torque: 425 ft/lbs @ 2,000 rpm

    Compressor Speed: 54,000 rpm

    Fuel: diesel, kerosene

    Lubrication: dry-sump/3.5 quarts turbine oil

    Transmission: 2 speed automatic or manual

    Rear Mirrors: rear mounted camera with LCD color display plus rear view mirrors

    Options: single or double seat, custom colors

    Frame: aluminum alloy

    Rake: 27 degrees

    Weight: 500 lbs

    Seat Height: 31.5 in

    Wheel Base: 68 in

    Wheels: 17" carbon fiber, Dymag

    Tires - Front: 120 60ZR17, Pirelli

    - Rear: 200 50ZR17, Pirelli

    Front Forks: 55 mm inverted

    Shocks: mono-shock adjustable oleopneumatic, Ohlins

    Brakes: 3x320 mm floating system- 4 piston calipers, Brembo

    Fuel Capacity: 8.5 gallons (34 liters)

    Radar Detector: forward and rear-looking radar with laser scrambler, K40


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      Great post dugy, there is a write-up in the Two Wheels Mag 1-2months back.