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Markus and his pursuit to conquer Oslo

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  • Markus and his pursuit to conquer Oslo

    As of tomorrow it would have been a week that i have been in Oslo. And fuck me did god feel like raining shit down on me. :roll:

    When i first arrived i was supposed to wait until the afternoon when my mate would call me after work then come pick me up. So i went to TGI Fridays where i was supposed to have a job lined up. I talked to the boss and yeah she was looking forward to having me on the team, BUT she wasnt expecting me for another couple of months!!! So a little misunderstanding somewhere.

    So here i was on the other side of the world and unemployed. But the weather was great. So i called my second cousin down and we had a beer on the harbour. Then he wanted to buy me a night on the piss so we went back to his place when i got a call from my mate. What would ya know, he had a party on the weekend that got out of control and he got kicked out of the apartment!!! So walllla... i was homeless.

    So there i was, unemployed and homeless a million miles from home. My cousin took me out and we had a great night and got shitfaced. So ive been stayin at his place since. Which sucks as its about 3 square metres and has a sink in the room, then you share a toilet and shower with a bunch of other people on the same level.

    But since then life is looking better, i have got 3 different bar jobs lined up which i can pick and choose between and also have found myself an apartment. To top it off, i have already got one girl who is getting way to close to relationship level, so im cuttin back on her as there are SOOOOOOO many HOT chicks here. Im gettin some photos developed and put onto cd so hopefully i can post em in a week or so.

    Take it easy cowboyz and ride safe.

    The circus is calling...

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    glad to hear your still having a ball despite some teething problems...

    keep the updates comming through.


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      Nice one dude .... Glad to hear from ya again ....
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      Albany Hwy, Vic Park, Ph: 9470-1234 ...

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        glad to hear things are starting to work out for you

        im getting really attached to that lighter, its really handy

        cheers mate keep us in the loop
        this looks more painful than being a mexicans ass sphincter

        the doctor said i wouldn't have so many nose bleeds if i kept my finger out of there.


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          Sweet Dude. Just keep it positive i tell ya.
          Well at least you get to know the hard life in Europe.. haha
          There is always good looking chicks man. The question should be if they are all blonde with a nice set of assets. Pics mate, give us some pics so we know what we are missing out on.

          Well i recogn you should have like 14 gf. that way you can have one for each day for 2 weeks and then rotate again. See each one twice a month should keep it below relationship level.. hahaha

          At least you got a roof over your head, or should i say another apartment over your head to keep you out the rain. Mate i recogn you should take on all 3 jobs and become a rich ass barman.. hahaha

          Keep safe and all the best mate.