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Good old music on 96fm tonight

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  • Good old music on 96fm tonight

    some really good old songs coming out that I dont hear get much airtime. from the 70's right through to now I think.

    worth a listen if your sitting at home browsing psb and having a few beers (I myself am having a nice pint of little creatures pale ale, from my new german pewter beer stein. If only you could buy beer by the litre here...)

    enjoy peeps.

    p.s. flaming of the type "96 is teh ghey, jjj is l33t!" will get you a long cold evil stare next time I see you. possibly followed by me slapping you upside the head.
    :black eye:
    No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.

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    I happened to be listening to 96 on the way back from Perth recently and they were playing the same sort of stuff. Damn good music, had it cranked up until I ran out of reception


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      use to have to listen to it every day at work. Some good old music but could get quite repetitive when listening to it every day. :o Other than work never listen to radio. CD and MP3 FTW


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        lol. and CD and mp3 aren't repetetive at all?

        They do some thing friday nights it seems, where they play stuff from the 70's at 7, 80's at 8, and 90's at nine. then the alice cooper show comes on from 10. His bit wasn't too bad, but the 80's and 90's stuff was good.
        No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.