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What The?? Didn't know a truck can outbrake a police bike :)

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  • What The?? Didn't know a truck can outbrake a police bike :)

    Ok, driving down along Gnangara Rd this morning to drop the gf's son off at work, and there were cop cars all over the road near the salvage yards in Wangara.

    Get closer, and there is a truck on the side of the road with a car parked up in front of it, I thought the truck has hit the back of the car.... But no... It was not to be.

    Got up level, and the car is fine, not a mark on it. Drove up level with the truck, and there is some wreckage underneath the back of the truck.

    Turns out the wreckage that you can identify is the back wheel and panniers from a police bike, and the thing is pretty mangled under the back axle from that point forward.

    Anyone know about what happened? Is the cop ok? Must be some injury, there wasnt much left of the bike, unless the guy managed to bail out before hitting the truck......

    Was pretty strange, not the best sight, and the traffic was backed up for miles due to every sick asshole wanting to get a look to see if there is blood anywhere
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    I hope the copper is ok , not nice to see anyone go down !


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      Actually an empty 10-wheeler tipper can outbrake a car!
      You put the c*nt in country run


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        Hope the doods OK.......Even if his name is Killier from Warrick *twitch. twitch*

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          damn.... hope yer cool mr fuzz :?


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            I haven't heard anything but my thoughts are that the bacon might have been parked up behind the car to write a ticket and the truck wanted the space more !!



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              spoke to my Po-leece friend tonight and he reckons he hadn't heard anything... and usually if there's an accident involving alotta damage to a police vehicle it's on the news eg: the exploding car on mitchell freeway incident
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                From a reliable source:

                The bike was parked while the cop was writing the car a ticket, the truck mistook it for a small furry animal and ran over it.


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                  Police Bike parked behind truck, Police man inspecting said truck drivers license etc at front of truck, car rear ends bike result = 1 stuffed bike and no injuries. Was on either channel 10 or 9? news can't remember which