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  • My whinge...IMHO

    I have just seen the news report on the P plater that crashed into the cop car in lower whoop whoop last night.

    It is lucky everyone is ok.
    The car should not have been travelling at that speed.


    Did anyone else notice the position of the cop car? The fact that it got them with its roof mounted radar and was halfway in the road, suggests that it started to pull outfrom the side of a dark road after suddenly turning on its lights and sirens.

    No wonder the P plater shit themselves and hit the skids!!!

    AND, ( I know its an individual happening, but its what I saw myself) why are these cops sittin on a deserted road on a Tuesday night?
    When on Friday night I saw a van with 3 male cops in it stop in King St and let out 3 girls they had quite obviously given a lift to!!

    It just shits me that they dont often do all the right things, but when it counts, they is never there..../end rant.


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    the paper said the cops were travelling the other way on the road and when they put on the lights, the car skidded and hit em.....