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My whinge...IMHO 2

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  • My whinge...IMHO 2

    I saw that a Hawks player tonight was looked into for an ALLEDGED sexual assault incident 6 years ago....and was not named at all and was fuzzied out in the news report...

    My statement is this...If that was a regular Joe, (ie me, DUBS) I have NO DOUBT that it would have shown my name, age, where I work etc.

    I am very sick of the fact that sports people and media icons get away with a shit load, whilst regular DUBS like me would be named and shamed in the media.../end rant.


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    Not only that, it was 7 years ago. The media must have nothing else better to do than to stir up shit from when adam was a boy.

    But yeah I hear ya bro, it shits me too.


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      The news is a big bunch of bullshit .... I for don't give a shit .... It should only be aired at like midnight when people are sleeping if at all ....

      Unless it effects me i don't wanna know ....
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