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  • Your 5 Fav movies


    Lets get a little insight to ppl in here.

    What are your 5 favourite movies of all time?

    5. The One - Jet Li.
    4. Conan the Barbarian - thats the first one.
    3. Hackers - mmm Jolie.
    2. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Just for the record!
    1. The Princess Bride - So I'm a sook!

    Please reply with your top 5, if you would like to comment on other ppl's choices pleAse do, but do it only when you post your OWN top 5.
    So we can keep the post readable.


  • #2
    Princess Bride huh Dubs. I would have never picked it, but it sure is a good movie...except for fred savage...he annoys me.


    1. Fight Club
    2. Snatch
    3. Usual Suspects
    4. Memento
    5. Out of Sight.


    • #3
      1. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
      2. Speed
      3. Thelma & Louise
      4. Point Break
      5. Fight Club
      Loud Pipes Save Lives


      • #4
        1. Ghostrider 1
        2. Ghostrider 2
        3. Krusty Demons 1
        4. Krusty Demons 2
        5. Krusty Demons 3

        Edit: I can't believe noone's mentioned The Blues Brothers or Monsters Inc :oops:
        ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


        • #5
          1. Alien Quadrilogy ( All 4 ).
          2. Wedding Singer.
          3. Liar, Liar.
          4. The Gonnies.
          5. Back 2 The Future Trilogy .
          6. Indiana Jones Trilogy.

          And anything with Van Damme in it ( 2 many films to list ).

          There r more damn it's so hard to choose .... And Dubs i like the princess bride 2 ....
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          • #6
            this is not in any order there are sooo many
            movies that i like
            1. snatch
            2. lock stock
            3. fight club
            4. pulp fiction
            5. black hawk down


            • #7
              1..Mad Max 1
              3..Blazing Saddles
              5..Any of the Jackass movies
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              • #8
                5. Amelie
                4. Star Wars
                3. Xanadu
                2. Pink Floyd "The Wall"
                1. Grease
                You put the c*nt in country run


                • #9
                  Ferris Bueller's Day Off
                  Star Wars (the origional)
                  Patriot Games
                  Hunt for Red October

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                  • #10
                    I HEAR U Deej!

                    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
                    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
                    Evil Dead 1, 2 & 3
                    Hellraiser (all)
                    ANYTHING with Milla Jovovich in it. (Rez evil/Zoolander/5th Element, etc)
                    Work Buy Consume Die


                    • #11
                      Great Escape
                      Star Wars (original)
                      Oceans Eleven (the remake)
                      Clerks/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Dogma/Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
                      The Princess Diaries (i can't help it, she is sooooo hot)


                      • #12
                        1. The Crow
                        2. Mallrats
                        3. The Replacements
                        4. Dogma
                        5. Waterboy
                        HONDA! F#@ YER!


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                          Don't laugh. I'm Honest at least

                          1. Convoy
                          2. The American President
                          3. duel
                          4. Moonstruck
                          5. Bladerunner 1 not 2
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                          • #14
                            1. The Usual Suspects
                            then in no particular order...
                            2. The Shawshank Redemption
                            3. The Big Hit
                            4. Chasing Amy
                            5. Blow


                            • #15
                              1. the shawshank redemption (although book is better - stephen king fanatic :oops: )
                              2. pulp fiction
                              3. fight club (edward norton fanatic 8) )
                              4. flight of the navigator (you can all bite me)
                              5. the first matrix (i still reckon they shoulda left it as one film)

                              Ferris Bueller goes without saying as a top film. Films which show creativity, either visually (Spiderman) or with their storylines (such as thrillers) score kudos with me.

                              sometimes it's the director, not the film that makes me watch it. tim burton is amazing with creativity, as is peter jackson. kevin smith is good for laffs and guy ritchie is good for pommie gang flicks

                              i can watch the occassional stupid film, such as something about mary or scary movie, but i'll leave most of them for the stoners

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