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  • Wintendo Longhorn - *nerd*

    Hey fellow geek and geekette's

    I am in the process of downloading Longhorn 700ish MB. ISO from one of my servers down south.. And for a select few maybe able ot organise a FTP upload if your willing to suck off 700mb or even a selecter few i can burn to DVD and send to you via work's excellent postage system..

    buzz me on P.M

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    The final release isnt out yet is it? Is it beta?

    hmmm new Win OS means new upgrade.... :cry:


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      Although Microsoft has not officially released suggested hardware requirements, developers close to the development project have been quoted as saying that Longhorn will run best on computers equipped with a CPU speed of between four and six gigahertz (GHz), a minimum of two gigabytes (G of memory (RAM), and a hard drive that holds at least one terabyte - that's approximately 1,000 gigabytes - and a graphics processor that runs four times faster than those on the market today.



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        Dont believe everything you hear.

        Those specs originally came from

        Those specs are not only unrealistic, but downright silly. Of course, we have to look at the suggested release date which is early 2005. There will be very few systems out there capable of running with those "minimum" specs.

        I've also read that some people have been running the beta version on p4 2ghz machines with 512meg ram etc. Also without too many problems you wouldnt expect with beta software.

        The actual specs havent been released officially by microsoft... as far as I can find anyways.
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          oioo you read news sites too

          runs liek a jerry springer trailer park slut on a 550 p2? p3? cant rmeber which.

          gonna load it up on my centrino notebook maybe this weekend should prove ahh interesting.

          and yer it's pre-beta build 4074, so bound to fuck up royally


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            Rather you than me...

            I'll wait till at least the first service pack is out... then I might consider it an option... 8)
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              release date is liek 2006.. so spk1 is mm 2007? will probably be ok to use around 2010