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  • Laptop review feedback

    Sup all N.E.R.D s what do you guys think of this bad boy?

    Gaming laptop

    yeah yeah I know you can't substitute a laptop for a pc when it comes to gaming but this does look pretty schweet especially fully optioned. Does anyone use their laptop for gaming?
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    They do make an expensive gaming machine...

    Doesn't tell ya anything about the screen (resolution/refresh rate etc)...

    Spend ~$3,000 on a PC and you'll have a serious system...
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      "Exclusive Alienware Design and Colors" :?:
      "Magnesium Alloy Chassis" :?:
      "Programmable Synaptics Touchpad" :?:

      Walk around with something like that and ppl will think you some kind of super-nerd.

      If you got a laptop you'd want to have a nice crt monitor anyway if you were going to play games.

      Maybe add the "DeepSpace9" docking station option.


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        Your paying premiums for the alienware machines, if your after a gaming laptop shoot me a PM, ive got plenty of high end machines, even one with a 256MB ATI 9700 pro.
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          Alienware is awesome, I tried to get one but unfortuently they will not sell to australia form the US.. you have to go through the UK branch which then fucks with the currency and costs shit loads more than the US equivilent.. after several phone calls to the US i gave up, because i needed a notebook urgently and went down the road and grabbed a high end toshiba tecra.

          I stil want a Alienware, and will probably make it my next one, they said if i had someone in the US that could pick it up for me then they could ship it to me themselves. But then still looking at the ffact that warrantly etc etc is fucked and you ahve to send it back to america is it fucks up.

          Also the 3.x HT P4 run hot as fuck so dont sit it on your lap too long :oops:

          All in all tho alienware is awesome.