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  • Also have 2x new (never worn) motomummy t-shirts in size small - one grey with "feed your addiction" and a dude with knee down on the back, and a black one with "got air" and a pic (presumably Cadwell Park) of a bike launching on the back. Take both. Can be picked up from Bentley or after 11th Jan in Subi.

    Best to PM as I'm not on here often at the moment, and I'll get an email notification of the PM.


    • Motomummy t-shirts gone, pending pick up.
      Mattress still up for grabs.


      • GONESKI

        Going free is an old pair of textile pants. The size has long work off but I can tell you that I'm 5'10" (178cm) and 70kgs and it no way fits me perfectly even with the hip straps done up as tight as can be. It's suited to someone a bit heavier than me and probably my height or shorter.

        The lining has got a tear in the crotch so they'll keep you dry in light rain but as soon as it really starts coming down, you'll look like you've soiled yourself when you take these off.

        One of the hip straps is slightly broken so doesn't offer as much as it did originally in terms of tightening up.

        I've got the liner also but have never needed to use it and I'm an all weather rider. They're plenty warm.

        Got hip and knee pads.

        Good for your first pair of gear or as a spare. I've just upgraded so these are going.

        EDIT: added photo
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        • No-name 2006 onwards Yamaha YZF-R6 Silicon Radiator Hoses in Blue.
          Bag has been opened, I'm pretty sure they are still all in there.

          Free to whomever wants them.

          Sponsored by:

          Billetta Imports, Motorcycle Panel & Paint, Pirelli, YAMALUBE


          • Pay it forward


            Biggest Firepit thingo ever...!!! Aka worn out commercial clothes dryer drum.

            800mm diametre and 800mm high.

            Pickup Malaga.
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            • Originally posted by Crobbo View Post
              Biggest Firepit thingo ever...!!! Aka worn out commercial clothes dryer drum.

              800mm diametre and 800mm high.

              Pickup Malaga.
              i like to burn things in the colder months.. i'll grab that later today for sure


              • If Hillz doesn't grab it could I have second dibs please?
                "Dude, I just saw a bird vs. squirrel fight. A car won!"

                "A horse told me not to drive home last night. I think there was a cop on top of it."


                • 20lts of clean green kerosene for your parts bath. Pick up hills.

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                  The second best things...............are really expensive.


                  • 5(ish) litres of RON98 drained from a bike tank. Spent 6+mos in the tank, another 2 in the jerry can. Looked pretty clean when it came out.

                    Might be good for bonfires/cleaning parts etc? Jerry can included. Can drop off depending on distance from CBD.
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                    • Pay it forward

                      Garden blower vac minus vac tube and bag. Still works great just moving to a smaller place.

                      Beaters with turning bowl. Have bowl and beaters to go with it.

                      Located in Northlake
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                      • All gone - Mods, please delete.

                        All gone - Mods, please delete.
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                        • Take it away from me please

                          Original Honda muffler only (not full exhaust) from 2010 CBR1000RR

                          It was on my bike when I bought it and has been painted with white exhaust paint but this paint has cracked and peeled either because of improper surface preparation or because it just plain isn't up to the job.

                          There is some surface rust where the exhaust paint has flaked off but steal is still fine underneath as you can see in image below. Also 1 bolt missing.

                          The muffler works 100% (has a bypass valve which connects to actuator under the seat) cable is intact and operates smoothly.

                          was for sale now for free to PSB members only.

                          For Sale thread here with pictures.


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                          • Free fridge.

                            480 litre fridge freezer. Pretty old and not likely to be the most efficient thing around. Was good for keeping my beer cold.

                            Freezer section needs a decent clean before use.


                            • Office desk, drawers and bookshelves.

                              Huge desk, 2x 3 drawer blocks and 2 tall bookshelves.

                              Dog not included.


                              • Panasonic microwave.