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  • new hardcore editing/thread mod

    Ummm... referring to this stickied thread of course

    Is this really what people want? I raise the qn only because I didn't really think ( in my case ) it was such a big deal and in most cases actually. I usually just hit the view new posts button anyway so unless things are getting bumped by the occasional post whore some things ( ones I'm glad I see) might escape my attention.

    A little whoring out there doesn't really bother me and in most cases gets a laugh, be interested to see If others out there agree or disagree as I just don't see the problem or need for this sort of modding. However if proven wrong am happy to submit to the majority.

    Just putting it out there...

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    I posted the pictures I did because I'm a little over all the guys of PSB saying "oh yah, I have much higher standards than that, she needs DD's and a PHD for me to even think about gracing her with my overweight presence", so I posted the standards picture, and then another along a similar line.

    A pictures worth a thousand words, didn't really see it as whoring, more as "tone that shit down guys, you couldn't organise a root in a brothel".

    But whatev, if I offended people/cluttered their precious screen when they wanted to read about how girls should cook, whisk my posts away and call me a whore.


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      Im just going through and moving all the thread hijacks to that thread. It's not permanent and will be gone by tonight.

      A little whoring is fine, its when you have 90% of the posts in a topic that are completly irrelevant to the thread, thats when it's wrong. The majority of whoring that is going on is conversation between two people that can be taken to PM.

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