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    Ok peoples, what's your good/not so goods?

    Here's a couple that have happened to me:

    Good: awesome job with an awesome location
    Not so good: lied to about the job description, job turned out crap, quit after one week.

    Good: interview tomorrow for another awesome job - what i want to do with full training provided on the finance side of things
    Not so good: it's at the polar opposite to me in London, and it's still fricken miles away when i relocate in 3 weeks

    so, what's your good/not so goods?
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    Good: Being Staff @ PSB
    Not so Good: Whores @ PSB
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      Good: Being PBB
      Not So Good: Being PBB
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        GOOD: So many rides on tomorrow cannot decide where to go.....
        NOT SO GOOD: Not enough of me to go round and go on all rides


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          Good: Being Staff @ PSB
          Not so Good: Whores @ PSB[/b]

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            GOOD: Weather suddenly being awesome for a spare weekend ride to France.
            NOT SO GOOD: I go to start the bike and there's no squeal of the fuel pump going. Bike won't start


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              GOODS: Leaving a job I was tired of, New job being ace, New Bike, R Class.

              BADS: Breaking up with girlfriend, Getting stuffed about with the bike, Nasty shit happening in my group of friends, etc.

              It's been quite a month.


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                GOOD: Being Alive
                NOT SO GOOD: Life
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                  Good : Being alive on a day like today.

                  Bad : Nothing bad, it's all good!
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                    Good : a full weekend
                    Not so good: PSB adv world, Bathurst, Mates, friends, PB racing ALL ON SUNDAY. WTF do i choose?
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                      Good: Outside is a loverly day.
                      Not so good: Cant ride as I have to look after the kids.


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                        Good; Life itself

                        Not so good; I cant fit more of it in
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                          Good; Life itself

                          Not so good; I cant fit more of it in[/b]

                          x2 - Spot on.


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                            Good: being alive
                            Not so good: being stuck in a 'rut' or trough where I feel I have no life.


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                              GOOD: Heading off tomorrow for a nearly 8000km round trip to Phillip Island.
                              NOT SO GOOD: Knowing my grandmother that has just had an op for bowel cancer and then a heart attack in ICU has just been diagnosed with major arterial blockages.

                              GOOD: Having a few good peoples coming with me.
                              NOT SO GOOD: Leaving behind a girl that isn't real keen on me doing such a large trip.
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