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What happened to our IMAX?

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  • What happened to our IMAX?

    I am trying to find a cinema that is still showing Harry Potter. I heard that IMAX everywhere was doing the last 20 mins of HP in 3D. So searching, searching.... what happened to Perth's IMAX - has it closed?

    And while I am on it, is there a cinema anywhere still showing HP?? Am I so behind the times????

    Second movie choice is the latest Die Hard - but again I've searched but can't find anywhere showing it.

    Help I am getting hungry, and want to go and get dinner, popcorn and see a movie tonight (*stamps foot in a little lollly tantrum)

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    Having reconciled myself to watching the above on video, I have ordered Goreng Goreng and I am now preparing to settle in with a bottle of red to watch season 5 of Dallas.

    All is good.


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      IMAX has been closed for a couple of yeras I beleive.

      and according to neither Harry Potter or Die hard is currently showing

      who also missed HP
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