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Anybody here work for the PTA?

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  • Anybody here work for the PTA?

    As in the title, now that they are in the midst of the final touches this week, what chance have we got that we may see a "Grang Opening" on the 3-4th of November.

    That would make a nice PR Story for the Govt. and all, but man I would love to get to the show this way! 2 Kids, wife, and all the paraphenalia means i have to park close to South perth, but a train trip would make it all so easy.

    Train Haters and all those wankers that live in "leafy coastal suburbs" (and would regularly complain about the train servie for us southerners) are not welcome in here. Go away to the "Rant" topic for your carping!
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  • #2 will definitely be ready for the air race....

    2008 one..


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      I heard on the news tonight that it will be ready in December! (they didnt actually specify whether thats this year or not!)


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        From what I hear (third party) not all the power gear is ready to go on the stations.
        I really hope it is up and running too. Parking can be a real bitch.


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          Buy a boat.

          I'll be sitting on the deck of the old man's Grand Banks 36 footer this 4th November. With a mini Keg of Heiniken...

          God it sucks to not be me..
          c o o l s t o r y b r o


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            lol ^^^^^ modest too

            chance of trains running by then < 0


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              sell seat on boat = profit

              get extra keg but i will bring the BBQ meat
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