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Navara or Hilux?

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  • Navara or Hilux?

    Once again I need to call upon the vastknowledge of PSB.

    With my new job up in Headland I have the chance to get a car through Novated leasing.

    Now, I've been eyeing off the dual cab 4x4's and have come down to either the Hilux or the Navara. I figured it'd be an Auto (easier for the 4wding i plan on doing up there), turbo diesel (for the fuel efficiency) ST-X or SR5 (all the fruit).

    Has anyone had any experience with either of them? Or would recomend one from hearsay?
    Think im leaning towards the Navara, due to its less utilitarian interior, though i like the looks of the Hilux form the outside more.

    I know i still need to test drive them both, but was just looking for some info on both to help.


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    If you want to do anything serious off-road, get the toyota.
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      Don't even bother with anything else.


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        Why do you think every mining company equips their fleets with Toyota's?

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        I'm probably fucking something up.
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          use a hilux as a patrol vehicle at work.....tis nice


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            Hilux all the way.

            4x4 SR5 Dual cab with all the chrome barwork ... veewwwwyyy naaaaiiiceee!

            And further evidence for my argument ...
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              Looks like the hilux has it... just wanna know the reasons, please


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                well ive never driven the navara only the hilux so i cant really compare. however the hilux is really nice to drive - and cops a fair bit of abuse without complaints. and as previously said they are more commonly used as company vehicles.....must be some reason for it


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                  Hilux, better vehicle and better re-sale down the track
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                    Well A mate has the new Navara Turbo diesel and from the last one (was the Petrol) it goes like a shower of shit and pretty damn spacious for a ute. Have the SR5 for work and personally hate em cause I find fitting into them a tighter squeeze.. but meh it's a Toyota it'll take anything you throw at it... apart from roll overs..
                    It's good being a lease no worries about salt..

                    Whilst your up there check out Polkimya.. fark knows how ya spell it.. Head west then up Turner River towards the ocean... you will be rewarded.
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                      Both Jap 4WD so the only country you would want to take off road.

                      Tojos tend to fall over allot, high centre of gravity, small footprint.

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                        A lot of mining companies and fleet buyers are now going for the Ford Ranger. I just ordered one last week you get a lot for your money and if you are going to get rid of it when the lease is up (3 years) reliability shouldnt be a problem.

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                          If you are getting a hilux, try and get one with the 1kz-te (3 liter turbo diesel), rather than the 2lte (2.4l turbo diesel).

                          The 2.4's are great, but for highway stuff, they are a little gutless. The 1kz is the motor they're still currently using (bar a few revisions), and apparently it's got the extra kick you need. Great cars otherwise.

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                            Umm if you going seriously off road the new Hiluxes have some serious drawbaks. Mainly the front end which is now independantly sprung has bugger all ground clearance if you intened to do any towing the hulixs also have a very low towing capcity (1800kg with brakes the nivara is around 2800kgs). Dual cabs also tend to have very small fuel tanks worth chcecking out between the two up north the new hiluxes are still been felt out where as the Nivara is a more a proven thing. We are going through his at work at the moment but the amount of stuff the boss wants to carry around we are more likely to end up with and Isuzu 300.

                            They are going away from the 79series under OH&S wanting airbags with the two major IO companies anyway. There is also unconfirmed rumours that if you drive a Hilux on corragated roads with a load on the RH rear wheel studs tighten themselves till they snap and the wheel falls off then the vheicle likes to roll over. Its ok the 78 series 5 stud pattern the rear LH wheel studs loosen and the wheel falls off, whe have had two vehicles in the fleet aready do this so it is confirmed fortuantly they didn't roll as it was relativly low speed, did somebody say Toyota Tough?
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                              how many people say toyota that have owned one
                              I have owned both and am currently driving a navara str would not change it for anything.
                              Your leasing it so cost dosent really matter you said auto so you need a stx they have loads of grunt and speed quite a nice few standard extras
                              plenty of room and good fuel consumption as to 4wd unless you are doing crazy shit they are both capable take them both for a drive .
                              personal choice really