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  • Daylight savings

    Is it soon please?

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    Starts 28th October, hurrah!

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      you LIKE daylight savings?????? i have to say i hate the darn idea
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          Originally posted by greaper8 View Post
          you LIKE daylight savings?????? i have to say i hate the darn idea
          Whats the matter with it?


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            It fades the cows and the curtains don't know when to come in for milking.
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              I don't have a problem with it, but I don't see why we need it.


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                We don't need it, it's just nice. I need daylight savings to be on time for shit. If it all gets moved forward again I will start getting up at 9 o'clock.


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                  nawww that will make it 8 hours difference... and when UK daylight savings end, it will be 9 hours!

                  but I'm all for daylight savings, it's fecking mintox!
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                    the only reason i've heard for daylight savings that is not a 50/50 split between personal preferences for/against is "because other people do it".

                    70 countries apparently. out of what is it... ~500?

                    whoop de doo

                    god knows how many countless man-hours of rooting around with rosters, process control systems, logfiles, etc it causes. Look, if they want to be GMT+9 just change the timezone to GMT+9 and be done with it. All year. ffs..

                    pretty sure we had a referendum on this before already anyway back in the late 80s. WA said no...

                    Actually just found out we had several trials:

                    In previous referendums the results were as followed: In 1975, the yes vote failed 46 per cent to 54 per cent. In 1984, the same margin, with no winning again. In 1992, the margin only slightly less, 47 percent to 53.
                    so we're just going to keep going until it passes?

                    what shits me is that the government is wasting time on this shit when we have a housing crisis, shit health care, a licensing system that's a joke, 3rd world public infrastructure and one of the highest tax rates in the developed world.

                    I guess this is why... this, and proposals to go modifying the flag, etc.

                    Too many idiots in parliament trying to think up ways to justify their existence...
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                      Not this shit again...

                      50% of my workforce can't grasp daylight savings, it polarises the workplace and creates a Lord of the Flies like scenario where two rival factions must cohabitate together until eventually and inevitable somebody drops a rock onto somebody else's head.
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                        Damn! How many threads have been dedicated to this endless arguement?


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                          and so the merrygoround starts again. spent most of my life in the uk with DLS and no-one complains, its a bonus - extra light at night for bike riding etc


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                            and less light in the morning when no one else is up and mr plod is fast asleep. which would you prefer? less traffic and no cops or more light et al?

                            DLS is useless for an early riser. indeed it costs me more for headlight batteries for the pushy as I never get to ride in the daylight.

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                              personally i like having the extra time in the arvo, but realisticly we already get plenty of that in summer anyways. whats really annoying though is i wait all year for summer so when i get up to go to work its sunny, daylight saving wiped that out for me. dark every morning

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