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Bikers are scary, apparently.

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  • Bikers are scary, apparently.

    A few times in the last few weeks I've been behind vehicles in various states of disrepair. Tail lights not working, vehicle pissing out oil, or this morning a Falcon that was intent on dumping it's entire coolant payload.

    Each time I've got the attention of the driver, pulled over with them and pointed out the problem, offered help or even just given them a push when it's been really bad. The Falcon this morning happened to be somebody I worked with so I'm pretty glad I caught her before she warped the head, but each time I've been looked at as though I was about to steal their wallet, or possibly eat their children.

    I stop, hit the kill switch and take off my helmet before I get off the bike. I'm not an overtly threatening looking guy and I ride a dead-stock shiny blue Honda. Not exactly the picture of 'intimidating' but people are still hostile when I speak to them. Is it the bike thing, or do people just get pissy when somebody else tries to help them out these days?

    Anybody else get this? Safer just to stop giving a fuck maybe? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.
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    people are just absolute assholes these days. that's all. and the media portray this bad image of all bikers because of hog riding bikie gangs.
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    benjamin is nobodys friend. if benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick.
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    Good riders don't need insurance though, they can evade any situation



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      ha ha, you should see their reaction when you pull up alongside them and tap on their window

      When they realize you're only letting them know they just lost their bumper, child, dog off the/out the back they're grateful


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        Its the general reaction from any one you're offering assistance or an act of kindness to these days. Society no longer believes there are good people left that will do something for nothing. Well the genYs and alot of genXs anyway. Chuck a bike and a fully geared up rider into the mix and that just adds to the negativity.
        In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that seperate us. Dont let your eyes deceive you.
        Its the little things that make the difference
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        If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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          "what? this guy wants to help me? no way! theres gotta be a catch... he must be al qaeda"

          When someone rejects your offer to help them, don't feel too bad about it, after all , you are not in the wrong ever.

          I'm not saying everyone will reject help nor will they not offer it. But in a fear driven capitalist society, many people seem to look out only for number 1.

          Akin to what kwakas has said, the media have created a sense of insecurity in the public. If people saw a hobo who genuinly needed money for some food, would they feed him? ive seen this happen countless times, men in suits who deny their loose change or any sort of help to a person in need. After all, do they really expect someone to help them? for some people their mentality is a dog eat dog world. When someone like you comes along to offer help, this totllay messes up their mentality, their reaction is to reject it out of fear or some bullshit like that.

          It's people like you who can change this place, don't feel discouraged by those who brush off your kindness. Try to help at least 5 people per day, whether intentionally or not. Maybe then, people will wake up and not freak out when you're just telling them their tail light is out.


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            Hell yes. Funny thing happened to me recently where one glare with my helmet off was enough to give me the "dont fuck with me" aura.

            Usually it takes way more than that woo!


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              Should see how surprised they are when you tell them they dropped their wallet. They must expect you to keep your mouth shut and take the money. Mmmmm maybe I'm doing something wrong?


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                On one of the learner rides a little child asked terrified if we would kill them....because we a re all of the boys pointed across the street to the Harley guys and told the boy that they are the ones that kill
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                  i find that anytime i cant see someones face i get scared. im absolutely terrified of those promo people in costumes. we have a courier that comes into the office wearing full gear and even though i ride in certain situations i still get intimidated.


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                    One thing that makes me absolutly FURIOUS is everybody is just too busy too help people who really need it.

                    For example;

                    A few months ago i was riding to a mates house going throught a busy dual carrage way intersection only to notice some poor old guy had broken down partialy in the middle of the intersection. No one was helping they were only blasting their horns and making rude gestures, fucking assholes! So i pulled my bike up on the island and keeping my gear on walked right through the middle of the traffic purposly getting in peoples way approaching this broken down car. The old man looked a little scared untill i flipped open my visor, and told him i was gonna push his car and he need only to steer. The car behind me blasted the horn again so i stopped, walked over to him and said, either help, or wait patienly you fuck. He didnt help, but he did stop being an arrogant fuckwit. After all this i managed to push his car out of the way of everyone, with the only thanks comming from this scared old dude. I offered my phone for him to call some one and waited for someone to pick him up.

                    Now i lost a total of 15mins out of my day, is it that much to ask for 15 mins of your own time to keep the world running smoothly and maby keep a touch of friendlyness in town?

                    Pathetic isnt it?
                    I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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                      good onya mate....
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                        From what i can tell.. PSB members are the only decent ppl left in this world!
                        * I take no responsibility for my posts! The lil man in my head makes me type it... ^_^


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                          People are generally always in a hurry these days. So for some nobody (ie not a cop or someone important like that) to try and pull you over is probably considered a pain in the arse - not to mention they are probably thinking "WTF does this dickhead want?"


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                            I am fairly confident, but there are certain situations I get paranoid, like having people approach the car when you are alone, I refuse to wind the window down at first.

                            Once on the way to work at 4am I had a truck stop behind me at some lights and this HUGE guy get out to tell me one of my lights wasn't working, he was really nice, helpful, friendly, but scared me half to death!

                            It isn't the bike I don't think, just the thought of road rage and all the incidents that have been happening lately.


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                              Everyone's expecting the worst out of everyone else these days. It's sad. And you go and help them and the poor little mites get all confused.

                              So next time, help them again. Then punch them in the face. Balance restored, no confusion

                              PS CJ if you look anything like your av mate, no wonder you get strange looks :p
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