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lowered cage suspension

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  • lowered cage suspension

    ok who's lowered car by how much, i just done my vt by 30mm and where should i not drive? not fancy losing my bumpers etc

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    I had fully adjustable coilovers (height/damper/camber adjustable) on my last Silvia and it twas quite low. Gotta luv racing suspension!
    Avoid ALL carparks and ALL roads and u'll be fine

    In all seriousness though, just look out for speed bumps and take them slow whilst drving up on the biggest angle possible, and ur cage will be fine. Do the same when going up driveways too. Some driveways may look fine but u'll cry when u hear ur car scraping on the concrete if u pull up too quick.

    and yes ppl-- 'seriousness' is a werd!


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      Wot Dman said plus always back into car park bays, specially the ones with the concrete blocks at the front. I had my WRX lowered by about 35mm and got reminded the hard way how low it was the first time I parked front in. 1 nicely scratched spoiler thank you very much. :cry:
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        I have the same setup in my current Silvia as Dman had in his...My bar has been pretty smacked up but all in all it's not too bad and just needs a little repair job and re-spray and it will be sweet (I have a Vertex front bar and side skirts).....

        The driveway comment is particularly relevant.... some driveways look ok but really arn't....and ALWAYS stop well back from the kerb or bollard when you are parking in parking bays (right Nath??)

        Having a lowered car can be a real pain in the ass to get into anywhere and I wouldn't recommend it for a non-enthusiast have to love the car to baby it as much as the lowered suspension requires...

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          bah cage crap :twisted:


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            how much space have u got between the exhaust "Y" and the road ??

            bear in mind depending whether u have changed the pipes u could be grinding away ur new exhaust on bumps ...

            did u do the pan hard rod ??? and exhaust over the rear axle ??

            my old commonhore couldnt get over a coke can laying on its side half flat .. .. like the guys said just beware of EVERYTHING ... and beware of road debris and dead animals more too .. those things can ruin ur day at 100km
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              i use to cut my springs and have the whole car sitting on bump cant go any lower then that... :twisted:


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                i use to cut my springs and have the whole car sitting on bump cant go any lower then that... :twisted:

                cheapskate! do it properly,IE:lowered struts etc,not just cut the springs.if you do that,the struts are working at a different stroke.thats why you see some cars on the FWY bouncing erratically.thats what happens if you skimp

                spend your money DAVO :roll:

                DAZ,lowering a VT 30mm shouldnt do any harm when it comes to ute is lowered 25mm and i,ve yet to come close to a speed bump or curb :? they are to high from standard anyway.i think you will only have issues when its full of guys,or in you case LADIES


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                  yeah had noprobs as yet.....
                  front is 2 finger job..........

                  the rear can only fit a single finger in (as usual)


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                    spend your money DAVO :roll:  
                    I'm still trying to grasp the concept of giving money to people...


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                      i use to cut my springs and have the whole car sitting on bump cant go any lower then that... :twisted:
                      Thats what the previous owner did to my 'line and its still like that - and with its new front bar its ummm pretty impractical even crab walking over a speed bump i still scrape Guess the price ya pay for rice

                      But yeah spend the money n do it properly - my car is really uncomfortable and bouncy and if i had the money to make the suspension better i would.
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