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I have got a puppy!!!!

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  • I have got a puppy!!!!

    Hi everyone,
    I have got a puppy and his name is Mojo.
    He is 3 months old and it is am-staf x with labrador.
    (ed: his vaccination chart says mastiff x lab.. pet store said american staffy x lab - im pretty sure he's an am-staf cross)

    Isn't he beautiful?

    (editors note: mojo just pissed on the carpet in mags study HAHA.)

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    Congrats Mags!

    (gonna have to mow the back lawn now Dave )


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      Have fun with your new family member and good luck, how could you not fall for those gorgeous puppy dog eyes.....

      I love dogs, and have one myself, BUT puppy stage can be sooo frustrating

      I wish you, your back yard, your retic and your furniture all the best



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        Oh dave...... HAHA!


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          Oh no, your pretty back yard Dave!


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            Oh no, your pretty back yard dave, your pretty house dave, your pretty things dave.....


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              puppies/kids and nice things are mutually esclusive, you realize this I hope :p


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                ack he peed in my room.


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                  Ahh how cute I love puppys. My sister is always bringing them home from her shop and I just want to keep them all
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                    very cute!!!! am jealous...


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                      Grats Mags. That is one gorgeous pup

                      Enjoy the toilet training


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                        Originally posted by Davey View Post
                        ack he peed in my room.
                        my dog got locked in my bedroom the other day - had access to the tiled bathroom/toilet etc ....still decided to punish me and peed on my bed - all through the doona/sheets and underlay......not the kinda watch patch I was hoping for that night - it's not a nice smell I tell ya!

                        GOOD LUCK dogs know how to punish us better than people do !


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                          Congrats, enjoy

                          We have a puppy (well, still, even tho he weighs like 40kg - bernese mountain dog, just over 1 1/2 now ) in our place - short list of stuff he's eaten:

                          1x tv remote
                          1x lawn mower spark plug lead
                          1x RM125 spark plug lead + ignition harness
                          1x USB bluetooth dongle
                          1x 512mb USB memory stick (chewed open 1x backpack to get to the 2 usb devices )
                          3x pairs of shoes
                          1x carpet mat
                          2-3x plastic buckets (that his water was in, no less )
                          1x dog walking harness

                          Probably a heap of other stuff

                          he's jumped through one window flyscreen, and one sliding door flyscreen.

                          So uh... enjoy

                          Even so, they're top fun
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                            gorgeous puppy


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                              Originally posted by BigTim View Post
                              Congrats Mags!

                              (gonna have to mow the back lawn now Dave )
                              don't forget to cleen the dog shit up first

                              Originally posted by Davey View Post
                              ack he peed in my room.
                              hahaha..... and Davey, I'm guessing he gets more attention than you already
                              However, FJ and Uncle Ho (MyFX) are 2 examples of people that dont fit this genre but fit into the forum well as well respected members.