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    'Skylarking' man in undies falls nine floors |

    'Skylarking' man in undies falls nine floors

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    A PERTH man has fallen from his ninth storey flat while "skylarking" in his underwear and lived to tell the tale.
    It was believed the 35-year-old man was putting planks across to a neighbour's flat when he fell, police said.
    A pergola on the ground broke his fall.
    Police and St John Ambulance were called to a group of flats just after midnight, police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said.
    "It was an iron and timber structure, possibly a pergola that cushioned his fall," she said.
    "He was skylarking around, building planks across to his neighbour's place when it happened.
    "He was very lucky."
    The man suffered a suspected broken leg and cuts.
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    what a dumb ass, why didn't he just jump to his neighbors place :p


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      Why didn't he just jump?


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        Would love to get a BAC reading on that
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          I'm betting pervert.
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            haa haa yeah he should have jumped, bloody idiot. i'm sure he'll think twice before doing that again.


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              How good do you reckon his jocks are now? There's got to be some fallout after that...

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                disappointed that when they had this on the ch10 news at lunchtime, they didnt mention his lack of jocks. i mean, wtf? that was the most important part of the story, if he hadnt wearing only his drag striped y-fronts, noone would give a damn.
                "I think she's kinda sweet...but she makes her living catching cum in her mouth and i'm sensing that's a problem with you"


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                  I need some protective undies like that for my bike. If it can save your life after falling 9 stories imagine what they can do if you come off! almost as good as a corona singlet
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