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how fast is too fast?

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  • how fast is too fast?

    So, i hypotheticly need to be in a country town about 3 hours regular drive from perth on sat avo, but need to be back in perth for sat evening.

    I am wondering at what speed pineaples start to get bigger? I will be driving the cage and plan on setting the cruise contol slightly higher than the limit, but not sure how high to go.

    I would like to point out that i will be slowing down to pass through towns legally and will be patient and wait for safe overtaking places. I dont plan on killing me, my passenger or anyone else using the roads.

    even 15 or 20 minutes will help. Unfortunatley i cant get out of either commitment.

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      Set the cruise at 118 and Mr. Plod won't bat an eyelid.
      Set the cruise at 128 and Mr. Plod will give you a ticket and 2 demerits.
      Set the cruise at 138 and and Mr. Plod will give you a bigger ticket and 3 demerits.
      Set the cruise at 148 and you may find yourself with a largeish pinapple forcibly inserted into your sphincter's personal space...
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          the cops tolerance is six k,s
          but I have heard them giving you a talking to for 4k,s
          I always set cruise at six k,s never had any problems yet touch wood


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            at 248 they just shake their head and keep on going on their merry way!


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              45km/h over and the fuzz could have your bike


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                Originally posted by Scoundrel View Post
                45km/h over and the fuzz will have your bike
                Fix'd y0!
                c o o l s t o r y b r o


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                  I think this is a bit of a silly question.


                  Provided u have plenty of points and heaps of cash, keep it to 154 in a 110 zone. Any more than this is instantly reckless driving. I wouldnt know personally of course.


                  Do about 118 and be a bit late.


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                    You gotta balance it out between cash and points versus time.
                    You can do 8 over (been told when pulled over by a cop with a Radar gun in person) without Mr. Plod doing anything. So it's either 118 or 128.
                    Just depends on how much time/points/cash you got....
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                      Borrow a GPS, and you'll get the exact speed you're doing - then go up by 6kph. You'll probably be surprised how 'fast' you're going according to your speedo.
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                        Yeah my Speedo on the Ovlov is out by about 1.5 Kmh.

                        PM me if anyone would like to borrow a GPS for a day.
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                          i would stick it at around 129...


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                            If you crash, you were going too fast.
                            If you don't crash, you coulda gone faster...

                            If it's a regular route you'll get a feel for how the patrols work and where they park up (if they do).

                            Sit on about 0-6 over until some arseclown flies past you.
                            You've just acquired "radar bait".
                            Stay behind him a couple hundred metres - he'll be the one who goes if a cop is coming the other way. Of course, if they're parked up and checking 'receding' speeds as you head away (as opposed to approach), you'll probably be the one that goes.
                            At least then, you have a head start...

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                              Depends on which direction you are heading out of Perth.
                              Hypothetically, I think adding 8-10km/h for each 100km you are from Perth might work.
                              Although not so well if on Brand or Albany Highways, etc.