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  • Never noticed it

    Just been sent an email with this info.
    Had to go and check the cages and it's right according to
    the Patrol and Magna.
    I've had a car licence for over 30 years and never noticed this.
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    will have to check when I get home
    Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....


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      Well, the makers of your magna fucked up with my Pajero then. I got the yellow one pointing to the right but the filler is on the left.

      Falcons are opposite too.

      So, Gotta call BS on this one.

      Purely coincidental.
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        My Ducati has a yellow light that lights up as often as Italian electrics can be expected to and I can fill mine from both sides !
        Also the engine warning light shows a 4 cylinder in line engine, as mine is a V twin I just ignore the light ...... it cant be for my motor !

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