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    Hi guys,

    I am currently looking after 5 entities, three of which are fledglings. I am having a real issue managing my task list and timetable, and failing a giant excel matrix, don't really have any answers. Just so you have an idea, each of those entities has about 2 weekly tasks, 3 monthly tasks and 5 quarterly tasks, each. In additon three have a host of setup tasks and planning etc.

    So, what is the best, most robust, clear and manageable task, notes and calendar integrated software? Or am I better just doing my Excel matrix?

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    I've recently downloaded a program called Debrief. It was from tucows and iirc is a trial version or shareware. Seems quite good, and the professional version I am trialling has a lot of features.

    Have only had it a week, so can't comment on how well it works quite yet.
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        Yeah, I use outlook especially since I can sync with my PDA phone as I often get tasks handed (or verbally) as I walk around during the day.

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          Yeah outlook isnt doing it for me at the moment, its clunky and doesnt organise tasks according to categories and give me a chance to shcedule them all in one shot like on a matrix.

          I want to be able to sort tasks by category, or by entity or by time frame, and I dont want to have to seperate them out into seperate entities - ie: I have to do BAS reports for all five, i want to record them under each entity, and also be able to search for 'all tax jobs' and have the list of BAS's yet to be finished pop up.

          Is there anything like that?
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            MS Project? maybe
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              Originally posted by Gryphen View Post
              MS Project? maybe
              i'm not sure Project is quite that flexible in terms of being able to rearrange/group sets of tasks. i'm pretty sure it could be done, but it wouldn't be elegant or easy.

              Are you using Outlook calendaring only? Have you tried it along with the task list? Especially in Outlook '07 there are a lot more options for categorisation of tasks etc which may do what you need in terms of grouping things.
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                Thanks guys, turns out outlook 07 is MINT! only drama is, I dont have that version yet. I will in three weeks though. So thanks for your help. Outlook 05 will do for now.

                Also, that 5 entities - yeah, no. Now its 8 :S
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