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Broken in last night while at home!!

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  • Broken in last night while at home!!

    Last night, after 11pm, Lolly and I were at home watching TV. We had a late dinner and a few glasses of wine and we were just about to start getting ready for bed when I walked into the kitchen and saw an aboriginal guy with dreadlocks standing in my kitchen!

    For a moment all I could think was WTF?!

    It seemed more like a dream than reality (having just had a few glasses of wine didn't help).

    He turned tail and dived out the window and, as he did, I noticed he had Lolly's handbag in his hand - and that it was overflowing with extra goodies he had stuffed into it!

    I screamed all sorts of swear words and dived out the window after him. I landed hard, cutting my foot on a smashed flower pot he knocked off the window sill (not that I felt much at the time).

    In the few moments it took for my eyes to adjust to the dark, I looked up and down the narrow path between the side of the house and the fence and couldn't see him.

    I ran around to the rear of the house and tried to work out where he'd gone - all the while screaming to my wife, "HE'S GETTING AWAY!"

    I heard the side gate open up our driveway and then saw our car indicators flash as he used the remote to unlock the doors. Frustration gripped me at the thought that he was trying to steal our car!

    Unfortunately he had got the jump on me and I couldn't be sure I'd get to him before he got the car door open, jumped in and locked the doors. If he had managed to do that, I'd have been powerless to stop him.

    Suddenly salvation came in the form of Lolly bursting out of our front door and after the intruder who gave up trying to get into the car and ran off - with Lolly in hot pursuit.

    So there we were running up the road - the intruder in front, closely followed by a barefoot Lolly in a nightie and dressing gown and then me, also barefoot and in boxer shorts and t-shirt, bearing up the rear.

    I remember a feeling of triumph course through my mind as I heard Lolly shout, "YOU CAN RUN ALL YOU LIKE - BUT WE WILL CATCH YOU!" I knew it was true - because if anyone was going to catch him it would be Lolly - the record she set for the 1500m in highschool still hasn't been beaten!

    As for me, after the first 100m I thought, "Phew! I've gotta get fitter!" Then, as if lack of fitness wasn't enough, I felt a sharp stab of pain as I sprained an ankle running over a kerb.

    As a result, Lolly and the baddie started pulling a serious lead on me - but I could also see she had almost caught up with him.

    As I rounded a corner into a lane way (panting and limping), I took in the scene of Lolly holding the baddie in a headlock on the ground - him still clutching the handbag. I limped up and ripped the bag from his grasp, gave it to Lolly and took the baddie into a groundfighting restraint.

    I put him in a rear headlock on the ground and put him to 'sleep' momentarily. Obviously, I couldn't keep holding him so tightly, so I released some pressure and he woke up again (and when he did, he didn't tap out and concede defeat!).

    Lolly and I then attempted to drag this struggling and non-complient baddie home. He didn't make it easy and it looked like it would be too much hard work so I suggested that Lolly go and call the police while I kept him restrained.

    As soon as she ran off, he redoubled his efforts to escape so I performed an 'O Soto Gari' (judo throw) and took him to the ground again where it was easier to keep him restrained. I told him to settle down or I'd have to put him to sleep again. Suddenly I felt something sharp cutting my knuckles. The f***er was trying to cut my hands with scissors to make me let him go! At this point I noticed an aboriginal woman circling us. She began to shout "LET HIM GO OR I'LL F**KING HIT YOU! I noticed she seemed to be holding a piece of wood.

    I got myself and baddie upright and tried to hold him between me and her. He struggled with a renewed vigor, slipped out of his jumper and broke free. I grabbed him again and said "I'll let you go when you give back the rest of our stuff". Empty your pockets!" He did and gave me a mobile phone. I checked it and said "that's not mine - you can have it back."

    At this point he he broke free again and his girlfriend stepped forward and gave him the piece of wood. He waved it at me and screamed at me to "LET US GO!".

    I hesitated and thought to myself, "Okay, we got out stuff back, maybe I should just let them go." So I said, "Fine. Go."
    They backed away and I pointed at his jumper on the ground and said "You forgot your jumper."
    They said, "Keep it". I left it on the ground.

    I limped back home and ran into Lolly coming the other way. I told her I let them go. She said "YOU LET THEM GO?! THEY STILL HAVE OUR PHONES, KEYS AND WALLETS!" :o

    So, off we ran again. We spotted them a hundred and fifty metres away on the other side of a barbed wire fence amongst tall grass, rubbish and wire in what will soon be a new housing development. They were trying to find a way over the fence to get to the railway station. We ran around along the road and got to the railway station in time to see that they had got through to the other side of the tracks. We dashed under the railway underpass and up the stairs to the other side. At the top we saw them about 100m up the road. Running stealthily and using a row of trees as cover in case they looked back, we gained ground on them.

    About 50m away, I couldn't help myself and shouted, "GIVE BACK OUR STUFF!"
    They turned and looked back and the girl shouted, "DON"T YOU PEOPLE EVER GIVE UP?!"

    They ran and once again we gave chase. The guy bolted left into a block of flats and the girl kept running up the road. We split up, I chased the guy into the flats' carpark till he jumped a fence and then I gave up as with my ankle I figured I didn't have much chance of catching him anyway.

    I limped back to the road and saw Lolly leading the abbo girl back by the arm. I checked through her possessions and found two phones, a digital camera and a couple of watches - nothing of ours.

    We then made our way back to the rail station and to our side of the tracks. We flagged down a rail police car and asked for help. "Can't help you mate, it's not on rail property" Grrr! And then it started to rain....

    Anyway the real police arrived a moment later and took over. The girl lost no time dobbing in her boyfriend who was known to the coppers. They said it wouldn't be long before they rounded him up.

    Back at home we found the rest of our stuff had simply fallen out of the open, overfilled handbag when the baddie was running away. What a relief! If he'd gotten away with the crime, he would have had both our phones, my iPAQ, our home, business and car keys, both our wallets, all our credit cards, my watch, etc. - and he might have even got away with our car.

    Anyway after making our statements at the Mirrabooka police station, it was about 3.30am before we finally went to bed. What a night! Anyway, 'All's well that ends well'!

    The forensic police came this morning to take evidence, prints, photographs, etc.

    The only legacy of the night is I am limping on a swollen ankle, have cuts on my foot, hand (from the scissors), scrapes on my knees and elbows, and both my and Lolly's feet copped a bit of a hammering from running for about a kilometre bare foot (Lolly has blisters on every toe - ouch!).

    "Live Long and Prosper"

    Bayswater Martial Arts and Yoga Centre

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    I would have kicked the living shit out of him, he'll get a slap on the wrist, then told to go home.


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      Congrats on catching them. Was a good read
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        That's a lot of restraint you have there. Excuse the pun, but your self control to not injure him too bad is commendable.
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          glad to hear you were not too badly heart. It's about those 2 won't get what they deserved, slap on the wrist and back to your life of crime


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            sounds like youd be buggered without ya misses
            hope you get your stuff back dude


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              holy shit well done on the restrainin of the bastard, yer jim's right he'll get off lightly u should've put ur boot in
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                good on ya mate! we need more people like you!.

                (even though i know they will probably get a slap on the wrist,) i hope they get the biggest pineapple imaginable minus the lube.
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                  omg glad youre both relatively ok. lolly you super hero :p


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                    Oh Spock, how illogical to chase after an offender like that!

                    ... yet so much more entertaining


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                      Well done and congrats on catching them. I dont think I would have made it the first 500m.

                      Like all have said, they'll get a slap on the wrist and thats it. Huge incentive to never do that agian.


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                        Wow, that is amazing. You guys were so brave. I honestly don't know what I would do in that situation.

                        For your feet, try Heal Aid, it is a cream that dramatically increases the healing process. I cut my feet up pretty bad earlier this year and it worked a treat.


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                          Glad to hear you're both reasonable ok. From previous experiences, never involve the plod. Hurt the offender with extreme prejudice, place them on road, deny, deny, deny.


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                            should have introduced his head to the kerb, lowlife scum. They've tried that at my place, but I have dogs...big ones...
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                              Glad it turned out OK for you, you were both very lucky, sometimes it doesn't turn out so good

                              One of the ladies missed the Trakdayz because her son got bashed with bricks and 4x2's after he and a mate gave chase to rescue a handbag, he is still in hospital getting plastic surgury to his face