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  • Nit picking

    Just looking at the threads and we're living in the past. PSB needs to be updated to WADLS Time (daylight savings). Or is everyone against it and this is a way of showing disapproval :p

    anyways, like I said, just nit picking.
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    It shows up for me as DLS, I think you did not set yours to auto in the User CP


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      I decided to be passive aggressive about it


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        you forgot to hyphenate nit-picking.
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          I'll keep mine thanks, DLS sucks


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            I tend not to use PSB as my official time piece, so it really doesnt bother me either way.


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              Originally posted by thro View Post
              you forgot to hyphenate nit-picking.
              Oh yeah, love it!

              Nit-Picked the Nit Picker.
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